Gold Accents - Selected home decor pieces

Gold Accents - Selected home decor pieces

Use bold and brassy gold items to add zing to your spaces. We selected some gold derringer pieces which bring glamour to your home.



A sculptural bowl for the table top. Cast in solid brass with a matte finish, each bowl is formed into an intricate, curved lattice form. Bearing a bone-like quality, its open structure works as a bowl or unusual table top piece. 



Super-functional candelabra inspired by the great British engineering. COG candelabra is formed in brass plated solid aluminium. 

Moooi - Delft Blue No. 11

By designer Marcel Wanders, he designed a collection of ceramic vases for Moooi. All vases are produced and decorated at 'Royal Delft', a Dutch company dating back to 1653 and the original producer of the beautiful Delft Blue ceramics. The vases are reinterpreting and revitalizing Deft Blue and old Dutch craft using new ideas for shapes and decoration.


Moooi - The Golden Chair

By Nika Zupanc. Under a mysterious magic spell, a retro-looking school chair is dipped in enchanted golden nectar, which washes away its austerity and crows it with a shiny aureole. Isn’t this a typical school-time wish, while looking out of the window and hoping for a fairytale to begin?

We hope you loved the gold pieces for your home!

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