#PFW - Paris Fashion Week Highlights

#PFW - Paris Fashion Week Highlights


Taking us on a romantic voyage at the Chanel's international airport, Chanel remains our favourite this season. With just a touch of turbulence, Karl Lagerfeld, with a large collection like his, gave us a chance to see everything from a mini-skirt and backward baseball cap to a grandma tweed suit. 

Louis Vuitton

Nicholas Ghesquiere's digital approach changes everything this season with the combination of graphics and sounds that make the audience feel that they are inside the movie Matrix. Everything involved made this show stand out. Leather, cotton, silk, linen fabrics and cuts of high-necked chiffon blouse pairs with leather west and Bermudas represent the signature touch of Ghesquiere this season. 


Transforming from casual to formal and back has been a key feature of the brand. This season is no exception. "Vintage kind of shop" presents us the souvenirs from the past - cardigans, scarves, necklines and waistbands. Sophisticated and fierce. 

Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton stays true to the traditions of the brand and takes on with the same grace. This collection presents us with the Protestant Huguenot Refugees, during the Catholic prosecution in 17th century in France. Too dramatic you would say? Long gowns take the protest with pride.  

Rick Owens

"She isn't heavy, she is my sister" - is the path this designer chose this season. It went viral around the web but it created a difference this season as well. Designer celebrates the idea of supportiveness by presenting a woman carrying another woman during the show.  

This year's SS16 Paris Fashion Week has been unique and we can't wait until the next!

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