On the 14th of August 2015 during the month of the National Day of Ecuador, ProEcuador, the lead agency for promotion of exports and investments for Ecuador, invited us to experience the very First Edition of “Exquisite Ecuador, a taste of Ecuadorian excellence” in Shanghai.  

“Exquisite Ecuador, a taste of Ecuadorian excellence” is an event that is held Commercial Offices around the globe to acquire global recognition for being a gastronomic event promoting premium products, thus being a key aspect for the promotion of its exportable offer.

To celebrate the National Day of Ecuador on the 10th of August, several events were held in Shanghai. There were two cooking classes, one in which we took part in. There was a special delivery of Ecuadorian products made to important chefs in Shanghai and a final dinner to end the celebration.

 We were invited to participate in one of the two classes hosted by famous Ecuadorian chef, Xavier Monar, owner of Restaurant Paralelo Cero in Madrid, Spain.

The event took place at the Shanghai New Oriental Cooking School were we among other media like Style TV and Chinese bloggers had the opportunity to taste the flavors of the Ecuadorian cuisine and to talk to the chef about his ambitions in China.

 One of our favorite dishes was the “Ceviche”, a popular seafood dish, we were told, from the Coastal region of Ecuador. The dish consisted of shrimp marinated in citrus juice, tomatoes, onions. This dish was absolutely mouth watering with exquisite flavours and, best of all, very healthy.

Key chefs in Shanghai that got their Ecuadorian products delivered included, Zhou Hua, Corrado Michilacco and Chen Zhijian. The idea was to allow the chefs to explore and play with these new flavors in their own dishes. The collaboration showed a new innovative way of encouraging the engagement of Ecuadorian products. We can expect to see them new dishes on their menu in the near future. If their dishes have similar flavors to what we tried by Chef Xavier, we will for sure make a reservation.

We also might be expecting a new Ecuadorian restaurant opening soon in Shanghai. We have our fingers crossed!

And…That´s it! 

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Folly soaps by Pelle

Folly soaps by Pelle

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