Warehouse Office in Amsterdam

Warehouse Office in Amsterdam

Ever felt far away from home during long hours at the office?

d+z architecten + projectmanagers transformed a warehouse into an office space where the goal was to make it feel “nicer than at home”. The space is cleverly designed using functional separators, such as having a modern fireplace as a divider and a bar that goes from being a work station to a kitchen to a reception. The only natural light in the venue comes from a few big windows in the front and a patio. In result, most of the workstations are located in open spaces to take advantage of the natural light. The vintage carpets, several lounge areas, the smell of freshly made lunch and house-shape structures for private needs reinforces the “home away from home” theme. With this office, who wouldn't mind working a few extra hours?

And…That’s it!

Event Creator and founder of Lulla Hokholt Ltd., specialized in tailor-made events and event consulting based in Shanghai. Having lived in Norway, Svalbard, Bali, Paris and Switzerland, her passion for a high pulsing industry and environment brought her to Shanghai, China three years ago.

You can follow Lulla Hokholt on Linkedin.

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