Glas Italia - Experimentation and Innovation

Glas Italia - Experimentation and Innovation

Confirming the traditional attitude of Glas Italia for research, experimentation and innovation. Glas Italia discovers most different contemporary design of glass. Collaborations with the designers Philippe Starck, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby and Massimiliano Locatelli-CLS Architetti.

The latest projects born from the collaboration established with the prestigious team of designers, whom Glas Italia already deals with successfully: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Piero Lissoni,Tokujin Yoshioka e Patricia Urquiola, enrich and complete the range of novelties 2015. From this combination of values and collaborations are born elegant and avant-garde collections of tables, storage furniture, mirrors, boxes and accessories in glass, each of them featuring the highest quality of production.

The ALADIN collection has been as well developed and increased with the introduction of a new Pivot Door available in large dimensions and new glass finishes.

Uniqueness and refinement identify the new products, standing out in particular for their capacity to deal constructively with interior architecture and provide innovative solutions from cutting-edge technologies and technics. 

TWINKLE - Chiara Andreatti

TWINKLE - Chiara Andreatti

“Inspired by Bohemian glass, the collection Twinkle recalls the traditional skillful glass grinding. Two hollow volumes, rhombus and triangle, blend with the ground drawings under the top,revealing the manufacturing richness.” – Chiara Andreatti

Series of low tables in transparent extralight tempered glass, with round top laid on base in the shape of a truncated pyramid.The 12 mm. top has chamfered edges and is adorned with jewelry- like sparkling “V” engravings,arranged in two different patterns, which correspond with the triangular and rhomboidal bases.

Massimiliano Locatelli - CLS Architetti

Collection of tables and consoles with soft irregular shape, rounded edge und elegant legs in blown glass. The different pieces, available independently from each other, if put close together, can create a table of large dimensions. Tops are available in tempered transparent extra light or silvered glass or coloured laminated glass,with unique tones. Legs are in the same finish. There is also available a version with top in a special poured or silvered glass, with legs in the same finish.

BOXINBOX - PhilippeStarck

"The museum of museums, or when the exhibition window becomes the work of art" PH.S

A series of low tables and closed and open storage furniture, designed like a box within a box, in laminated 5+5 mm. thermo-welded extralight glass.


SHIMMER mobili - Patricia Urquiola

Low tables, consoles and shelves in laminated and glued glass, characterized by a special iridescent multi chromatic finish; the nuance varies according to the angle of the light source and the vantage point. Reflected objects with a magical and ethereal appearance emerge. Available in opaque or transparent glass, or transparent glass with a special micro-dot decoration.

WUNDERKAMMER - Piero Lissoni

Collection of display cases/storage units with a structure in dark brown anodized or opaque white lacquered aluminium, highly finished details and panel systems in tempered transparent extralight glass. The base is covered with opaque lacquered glass.

PALANCO - Ronan&Erwan Bouroullec

A double-faced mirror hanging from the ceiling that, thanks to a system of counterweights, cables and pulleys, can be easily vertically positioned.

The counterweights, that go up and down counter balancing the movement of the mirror, are cylinders inred, brown or neutral blown glass.

PRISM wardrobe & bench - Tokujin Yoshioka

Closet-display unit in transparent extralight 12 mm. tempered and thermo-welded glass, with precision beveling which reflects and refracts the light. The base is in extralight mirror, the coat hanger bar and the hardware are in polished steel.

Bench in transparent extralight 15 mm. tempered and thermo-welded glass.The glass is embellished with precision bevelling which reflects and refracts the light, lending the object acrystal preciousness. Despite its extreme lightness of form, the bench has considerable strength and weight capacity.

COLLECTOR -  Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Collection of low tables, display unit, display cases and storage units with sides and top in transparent extralight 8 mm. glass. The sides are curved to fit the shape of the top, to which they are attached.

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