Le Mini Macaron - Gel manicure kits for girls on the go

Le Mini Macaron - Gel manicure kits for girls on the go

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Camelia Beauty has launched a new gel nail polish, Le Mini Macaron. Le Mini Macaron is a cute, one-step gel polish manicure kit that aims to make gel polish manicures more accessible, affordable and straightforward for women globally.  It comes in a range of colours and flavours with a French feel to the product. It is ideal for women who are stuck to desks in offices, women who have no time for the salon and women who commute and travel often. Basically for all the busy women of the world!

It boasts to be "chip-free lasting", "easy to use" and "fun to do". It will be available at a price that any girl, any age and on a budget can afford. Just because you're strapped for cash doesn't mean you should miss out on such a cute, high salon-quality gel manicure with a brilliant shine. You have to keep that manicure on point girl! 

Le Mini Macaron comes in an all-in-one kit starter kit comes in cute, colourful, eye-catching packaging. The starter kit includes the 1 step gel polish, cuticle stick, mini nail file, macaroon shaped LED lamp, a charger for the lamp and corresponding USB connection, 10 soak-off remover pads and instructions of course!

Camelia Beauty's new Le Mini Macaron one step gel polish is a new concept to the nail and gel polis industry. The polish contains a 3-in-1 formula, combining a base coat, colour and topcoat making it concise and convenient. The polish last for 7-10 days with two coats and over two weeks with three coats. It's the simplest, most user friendly gel polish product on the market and cheaper than most other kits which are complicated and costly.

There are currently 16 rich and vibrant colours available in 10ml size bottles. You can also get mini bottles, "Les Minis" which are super convenient for carrying in your handbag or luggage. "Les Minis" come in sets with three 5ml bottles of different colours in each set. There are three flavours of colours to choose from: berries & cream, sweet & tropical and summer fruits. However Camilia Beauty promises more colours to come, including seasonal and limited edition sets.

Le Mini Macaron - Gel manicure kits

The LED lamp for the gel polish comes in a super cute, compact size shaped like a macaroon which could most definitely fit in your make-up bag and be mistaken as a real macaroon by your boyfriend. The lamp is very efficient and fast thanks to the 3 watt bulbs that dries the gel polish in a rapid 30 seconds. It just takes a speedy 15 minutes to get a complete gel polish, amazing! Le Mini Macaron are definitely giving you no reason to have chipped nails! You can use it almost anywhere and the USB connection can plug straight into your laptop! Who said Le Mini Macaron was just for manicures? The internal magnet in the lamp allows you to flip the top around giving you the chance to touch up those toes. 

Made a mistake? Chip in you nail? Want to change colour? With the Le Mini Macaron remover kit, removing gel polish hasn't been easier. The kit comes with remover wipes which contain acetone that you throw out after a single use. There's 100 self-contained remover pads with each kit. This is favourable to those who are constantly tight for time.

And That´s it! 

Le Mini Macaron - Gel manicure
Gel nail at home

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/Photos: Anna Uvarova 

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