The Exceptional Hedone Romane Jewellery. In Conversation with Mastermind -- Jeanne-Marie Chan

The Exceptional Hedone Romane Jewellery. In Conversation with Mastermind -- Jeanne-Marie Chan

Jeanne-Marie Chan is a creator, master behind the brand Hedone Romane. She has been working for several major Luxury groups -- LVMH Watch & Jewellery and Van Cleef & Arpels, but longstanding desire to share her own vision shifted her towards creation of her own brand. Inspired by Hedonistic approach, where art has no boundaries, she creates unique irregularly-paradoxical shaped pieces from precious stones. 

What inspires you on the daily basis?

As a designer, inspiration must begin inside for any ‘romantic orginality’ and sincerity. My creations for HEDONE ROMANE are most powerful when they start with an overture of intense emotions and when passion drives my imagination. Somewhere between the conscious and the subconscious, I relate very much to the precursors of Romanticism in art and literature.  Decadence, beauty, desire, love, glory, life, death, and immortality are central themes of my work.  Roses, palazzos, dreams, and the opera are dear to me. I love forms that are irregularly paradoxical, curvaceously seductive and pompously dramatic combined with the opulence of gold and infatuating precious stones. Its not the commonality or the monotony of the everyday grind that inspires me but more the extraordinary, the grandeur, or the novelty of experience that makes my blood rise and my heart beat faster.  Perhaps this is why my jewellery isn’t exactly the kind to be worn daily without thought but rather ‘on occasion’ as mementos that make the every day gloriously worth living.

Your designs are extraordinary. How do you choose the materials?

Instinctively, impulsively, passionately. Choosing gemstones is one of my favorite parts of creative process. I go with stones and materials that appeal to me with the hope that they would appeal to others alike.  Sometimes it’s in that proprietary cut or that peculiar shade. Sometimes it’s in the manner in which it catches the light or the way the color changes in the dark. Or how it accentuates another stone, expresses a certain mood, or tells a story. Spinel is one of those complex connoisseur stones I find very fascinating. Often I am drawn to vivid colors and shades of red. Red - for it’s the color of passion and rage, of opera and wine, of blood and romanticism, and most probably the color of my soul. Always character and sex appeal first and then the more ‘technical’ qualities on color, clarity, cut, carat, provenance, and the treatments. As for the metal, it’s a lot simpler -- its 18k gold for fine jewelry and its gold-plated for fashion jewelry.

Describe the type of a person who wears Hedone Romane.

A jewelry connoisseur. HEDONE ROMANE is an acquired taste for one drawn to a universe that is hedonistic and romantic. She is not a first time jewelry buyer. Sophisticated, well-travelled, cosmopolitan with exquisite taste, she wears fine jewelry and fashion jewelry with ease. She recognizes and appreciates the details in the designs and the French craftsmanship that goes into HEDONE ROMANE jewelry.  

Any collaborations that are planned for the future?

Every piece of jewelry is a collaboration with various artisans and craftsmen down to the photographers, journalists, and retailers. And yes there’s much to look forward to in 2016. But keeping them secret for now. Do sign-up to our newsletter, The Scarlet Letters, on our website for updates.

What is your next goal?

Hmmm… I’d much rather speak of ‘dreams’. The word ‘goal’ feels very limiting. I spent most of my earlier years planning. The last decade taught me how to simply let life unfold gracefully.  It has not ceased to surprise me!  Directionally, I’d like to push the creative boundaries further in jewelry design. I have so much that’s stuck in my imagination and would like to have the creative freedom to realize all of them, if not at once, then progressively, gradually without haste.  Like life, all of creation is evolution and then coming forth. 

What would be your favorite sentence to end with “…and That’s It."

«You have to have lived to create...and That's It» Jeanne-Marie Chan

And... That's it!


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