The Snap Generation

The Snap Generation

A few years ago, Evan Spiegel, founder and CEO of Snapchat, and his friends, a group of students from Stanford had an idea of an unprecedented social media platform. In only 2 years, the app they designed became one of the most popular among youngsters, with more than 100 million active users worldwide and nearly 10 million videos viewed daily. Snapchat became today what we could call "The Future of Social Media".


But where is this 'snapp-success' coming from ? 

Providing a clear, ergonomic and playful platform to its users, Snapchat allows to share ephemeral visuals. Maintaining a strict policy, the app is committed to its users, data does not get stored on the recipient's device or servers.

Less marketing, more messaging. The one-to-one communication, in a fun, exciting way is now possible, with Snapchat. Being innovative and creative, the headquarters team releases new features every months. It is now possible to get access to many different free filters and masks, edit videos with slow motion, fast forward modes, and more!

In 2015, the app developed a new section called "Discover" which gives access to different news media such as Vice, Refinery 29, CNN, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, Mashable, MTV, etc. From now on, users can enjoy the large range of functionalities offered by the app and get insightful news from various sources without have to leave the app.  

The amount of international brands, companies, celebrities and other key opinion leaders joining the network is increasing like a flash !

Follow some of the most popular Snapchatters :

Kylie Jenner : @KylizzlMyNizzl

Ariana Grande : @Moonlightbae

Jared Leto : @JaredLeto

Diplo : @diplo3000

Rihanna : @rihanna

Lacma : @lacma

And... That's it !


Paris Apartment Refurbished by UdA Architects

Paris Apartment Refurbished by UdA Architects

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Lemon poppy seed loaf