'Colorful Summer Colorful Sweat' event in Shanghai

'Colorful Summer Colorful Sweat' event in Shanghai

To celebrate the long awaited summer and pay tribute to the athleisure lifestyle we lead, GuavaPass and the Canadian athletic apparel brand lululemon have teamed up to host a “colorful” event on Saturday, 28th May in Shanghai. Save the date and join “Colorful Summer Colorful Sweat” at The Market! 

On this convivial and energetic day, supervised by 5 trainers, experience 5 different workout sessions with four themes and colors. Also, enjoy a fun DIY time with Xenia and lululemon - don’t forget to bring your old lululemon shopping bags! But that’s not all, GuavaPass and lululemon still have plenty of swell surprises so book your spot on the GuavaPass APP now!

From 9am to 3pm, enjoy Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and Spinning / Indoor Cycling classes for a cheerful, stressless Saturday. Try different activities, evade from reality, leave your problems behind, and experience various benefits for your mind, body and soul. 

As a trendy, sensational, yet revolutionary fitness and well-being concept, a GuavaPass membership gives you unlimited access to a multitude of workout sessions and plenty of activities in over 9 cities across Asia and the Middle East. With GuavaPass, it is now possible to organize your busy weekday schedule, adding exercise for a healthy, body-happy lifestyle, even when you’re traveling!

Yoga and innovation being at the core of everything they do, lululemon is the perfect GuavaPass’ partner for this colorful ‘pre-summer’ weekend. Experience, share and learn more about the athleisure boom at the “Colorful Summer Colorful Sweat” event in Shanghai!


When:  9am-3pm - Saturday, 28th May 2016

Where: The Market - 280 Aomen Road, near Changhua Road

Required Dress Code:

1. Meditation: Yellow

2. Yoga: Red

3. Pilates: Green

4. Spinning / Indoor Cycling: Blue

Remember to bring your own yoga mat. Participants are only allowed to book one spin class. Registration is completely free for members and non-members and as space is limited, book ASAP! 


Want to win a GuavaPass membership with unlimited access to fitness classes across Shanghai for an entire week?

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Step 3 - The winner will receive a message from us before this month is over. And... That's it!

***New/first time users only, Shanghai only***

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