"Futuristic vintage" with Poesia by Chris Chang

"Futuristic vintage" with Poesia by Chris Chang

Following the grandiose yet memorable fashion show and party held at Shanghai Water House, we had the privilege to interview Chris Chang to get more insights into her imaginary colorful world and artistic vision. We got to discover where is her inspiration taking roots, the way she pictures Poesia in the future and her impression regarding her exclusive collaboration with M.A.C. 

1. Why 'Poesia' ?

The mere definition of the word poetry has in common how I feel about my work in fashion design; writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm. I design the same way: fabric, color, patterns, styling down to tiniest details arranged and incorporated to create a specific emotional response. Each piece of clothing from my design has specific meaning, sound and rhythm which I am acutely aware of conveying like poetry. It's how I always thought of clothing and design. 

2. How would you describe Poesia Women ? 

Poesia women possess strange mixture of dichotomies in their characters: fearless yet demure, childlike yet sophisticated, confident yet modest, chaotic yet serene, strong yet feminine, humorous yet serious, eccentric yet practical!

3. Could you tell us a bit more about the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection you presented at Shanghai Water House ?

FW16 is a modern, daring interpretation and mixture of traditional forms of art in drama, theater, tribalism, handcraft and making things totally new and forward thinking from the idea of "Vintage"! All pieces were designed with the idea of garments pulled out of old burial trunks and aged from time, dust and dirt, yet you can still see the glamour and the exquisiteness of when it was first made. "Futuristic vintage" is what I would call it. All spun from the art of Kunqu and its visual traits.

4. Where did your inspiration mainly come from ?

Inspiration comes from mixing dichotomy and contrast, minority culture and nomadic tribes as always. But the starting point was the art of Kunqu and its surrealistic exaggerated glamour.

5. Nowadays, a lot of men enjoy colors, patterns, florals, as well as exagerated shapes. Have you considered a men's wear line ?

Never given men's wear much thoughts cuz I love women and everything the female gender embodies, all our diversity, values, strengths , tenacity and adaptability.

6. As you are constantly working with such colorful elements in your design, doesn't it happen that you get bored of it, at some point ? 

I work with all colors and not just the loud colors, I am completely non discriminatory with color, so neutrals and black and white are " colors" too. I just can't stand minimalism and the idea of "classics". Everything has to constantly move and evolve for me, new technology, new ideas, new inventions.....etc. I get bored quicker than most people that's why I love designing as art, cuz it changes every season, non stop!

7. How do you picture the future of Poesia, in let's say 5 to 10 years ? 

I live for the day and now. Future in terms of business doesn't interest me as much cuz design is art and passion to me and not a business. I go with impulse and instincts, not big on planning ahead. I take what comes as it comes. This is how all my collaborations have come, from shared love of my aesthetics of maximalism.

8. What are your main goals to achieve ? 

To incorporate my imaginary world and artistic vision and apply it to different medium and not just clothing. I think my aesthetics is lifestyle encompassing and individual enough that it's instantaneously recognizable through any medium. I like to Continue to explore other collaborations.

9. How do you feel about this so-special collaboration with M.A.C ? Can you tell us a bit more about it ?

With M.A.C is a gathering of kindred spirits like I said in my beauty video. M.A.C was a partner that fits better than a glove, it was creative minds meeting in the same place from the same source. We love women, we love strong eccentric women, we advocate dressing and makeup as art. Not fashion, but art!

10. Is there any type of music or film genre that helps you set the mood and inspiration for your collections ? 

I am non discriminant with music, films, people and thoughts. This is why my work always involves numerous inspirations , juxtaposing contrasts, mixing difference, i bring chaos forth and give chaos beauty and savvy. The only music I don't get is heavy metal, everything else I listen to. I don't like horror films, I find it a waste of time to watch, everything else I try and love.

11.Tell us your favorite phrase that would end with and that's it! 

Clothing is a form of art, experience art in life with your style and taste and....That´s it! 


Photographer: Anna Uvarova

Clothes: Poesia Chris Chang

Hair and Make Up Artist: Elena Weng

Model: Anna Dobrovolskaya

Model: Ran

Video production by Andrew Wang



Kerry Center , 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai.

And...That´s it!

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