How to Be Like an Italian

How to Be Like an Italian

There are two types of people in the world; the ones that are Italian, and the ones that are not.

Italian people are well-known to their family oriented lives, good food, and being passionate. However there’s more than that! Here are couple of rules that you can’t break if you want to be Italian :



Italians are passionate and sincere in terms of meeting people, including the ones they’ve never met before. First of all, don’t forget to say “Bon giorno” or “salve” which is hello in Italian.

There is a specific rule for the cheek kissing, you always start with the right cheek. For a fact, there are regions that give 2 kisses, while other regions give 3 kisses. So now if you go out to meet Italians in events and parties, you know how to impress them!


There’s no such thing as filtered coffee or Americano in Italy. Italians like their coffee as “Espresso” and drink it within seconds, good to go.

If you like your coffee with milk, they still accept your “latte” request since the word literally means milk in italian. Moreover, cappuccino is only socially acceptable at breakfast.


Good Italian wine is very important, they take their wine as something to be proud of.

When toasting, it’s crucial to always look at people in the eyes.

One of their favourite type of drinks Italians like is Asti, a sparkling white Italian wine that is produced throughout southeastern Piedmont. This particular drink is made from Moscate Bianco grape, making it sweet and fresh, perfect for the summer. Better note this to have a good time in the sun!


Bread is not an appetizer and it should be there throughout the entire 3-4 course meal. You wouldn’t get butter, olive oil, nor balsamic for the real deal because the Italian bread itself should be plain, lovely, and amazing on its own.

Secondly, spaghetti meatballs and alfredo are two american inventions that Italians have never come up with, carbonara sauce shouldn’t contain cream, and when making pasta, adding salt to your boiling water is a must!

Lastly, there are only two types of pizza crusts; Neopolitan which is the one that’s puffy and raised, and Roman which is the crusty one. 

Abbiamo mangiato così bene, ci dobbiamo tornare! (We had such a great meal, we have to go back.)



For many, Sundays wouldn’t be their favourite day of the week. For Italians, Sundays are dedicated to one thing and one thing only; Family. It’s a day of family gathering of ten people and up, home cooked food, and good vibes. There’s nothing better than grandma’s sauce.

Now you know how to live the Italian way,  here’s the types of Italian people you will meet along the way;

Types of Italian Men

Il Radical-Chic

Or in other words, the hipster. A slave to their own personal style, wants to be different, eat organic, and ride a bike.

IlDon Giovanni

Never content with one relationship, always looking for women to seduce. Good with words and charming yet unlikely to change so better watch out if you’re looking for a love story.

The Forever Young no Matter I am 40 or Over

The title says it all! they believe that age is a mere matter of themselves not much different from half of his age, and what counts is the age they feel inside. Goes out almost every weekend, and never old enough to have a steady relationship.


Types of Italian Women

La Mangiona

How to Be Like an Italian italian personalities thatsitmag 17.jpg

There are those who perennially eat, the mangione, or big eaters. The believers in food, the ones that know that food can bring happiness anytime. They’re usually a good cooks too.

La Maniaca Della Plulizia

Italian people are sometimes obsessed with hygiene and this is what every maniaca della pulizia (that is, the hygiene obsessed type). If you visit, you will never be allowed to sit on the sofa without a cover, or to leave a glass or a cup of coffee on the table without using a beer mat.

The “One and Only” Woman

This is the type of woman who, no matter if she is beautiful or not, smart or not, will never have a word with you unless you are to her liking. She believes to be the only woman, in town and for this reason going out with her or be her friend should be considered an honor.


Now that you know how to act like an Italian and the authentic people you will meet, 10CorsoComo Shanghai is introducing “We Love Summer”! an event to indulge in Italian atmosphere, every Thursday 18:30-20:30 until 10th of September.

For a good time you’ll also be able to enjoy Asti Hour made by Asti and Purée, offering 4 refreshing flavours, ASTI-Strawberry, ASTI- Orange, ASTI-Peach, ASTI-Grapefruit, ASTI-Elder Flower, ASTI-Spritz, and Pure-Asti to cool off your hot summer day! To help you communicate with real Italians, here we have a guide to say basic conversation starters, in Italian of course;

Sono degli… (I’m from)

Di dov'è Lei? (Where are you from?)

Che lavoro fa? (What is your profession?)

Sei sposato? [M]/Sei sposata? [F] (Are you married?)

Ho tre figli. (I have three children.)

Cosa ti piace fare per divertimento? [Informal] (What do you like to do for fun?)

and last but not least...

Che tipo di musica ti piace? (What kind of music do you like?)


Now go out there and impress your Italian friends! 

And...That´s it! 


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