No plans for the weekend? Here is an idea..

No plans for the weekend? Here is an idea..

Ah, the time everyone is so "patiently" waiting for is finally here - the weekend is approaching and if you are wondering if there is anything better to do than the usual "weekend bar hopping" then the answer is YES! Through our new collaboration with Lihaoma - the cool new gift-giving and gift-hunting app, we found out about an event that we all secretly hoped exists here in Shanghai.

Welcome to Shalanaya!

Shalanaya Fest

What is Shalanaya? Well, it is a festival.. Not that special, we get a lot of those, right? Wrong! Shalayana was started as and continues to be the only event in Shanghai that is all about getting back to life’s simplest pleasures and reconnecting with your true self! When was the last time you went camping? Don’t remember? Never? Well, this is your chance then! Spend the night under the stars, let the rhythms control you, release all negative emotions, open your heart to others, meet new people and have touching conversations around the fire over a bowl of delicious vegetarian food.. Shalanaya has it all!  And that’s not everything! During the fest multiple workshops are organised led by professional instructors of yoga, fire spinning, massage, mandala painting (c’mon, everyone loves it!), hula hooping and many many many others!


Shalanaya - Thats it mag

Where and When?

Shalanaya Open Air Electronic Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival: September 15th to 17th from 2pm

Siji Baiguoyuan, 369 Yedangcun, Zhujiajiao, Shanghai


Become a part of a journey of music and dancing, exploration, meeting and making new friends, re-connecting with old ones on a deeper and more satisfying level than ever. 

And… That’s it!


Playful Swimwear That Look Like Body Paintings by Collar

Playful Swimwear That Look Like Body Paintings by Collar

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