Eric Tibusch, his one-of-a-kind fashion journey

Eric Tibusch, his one-of-a-kind fashion journey

Originated from Bonifacio (Corsica) wonderful French island in the mediterranean sea, Eric Tibusch let out his first cry on January 6th, 1972. When he was 3, his family moved to French Polynesia where he grew up.                        

While his German-born dad was working in the Foreign Legion, Eric Tibusch spent most of his childhood years with his mother, grandmother and brother near, growing up with the sense of family, caring values and the military uprightness by his side, strong examples which had always influenced him all along his way.

His incredible proximity and complicity with his mother gave him his love, flaming passion for femininity but not only. After many years spent observing his mum in her dress-maker atelier, admiring her talent and devotion, the desire to learn came to him when he was 7 years old.

He first tried to dress his cousin’s Barbie doll with some leftover fabric pieces. At this very exact moment, the artist and fashion visionary Eric Tibusch as we know him today, was born, while his successful career in Fashion had just begun.

T I B U S C H - Depicted

 T enacious : Eric Tibusch left Polynesia when he was 12. A few years later, more obstinate than ever, he flew to Switzerland to start working as a model and sales. Controlling the garments fitting directly on the clients, as a couture designer in the making, one thing leading to another, he learnt and understood the best ways to dress women properly and adapt his work to feminine shapes.

Inventive : In 1998, determined and already well experienced, Eric Tibusch got noticed in Paris by Jean Paul Gaultier, the legendary French haute couture designer. Seizing this great opportunity, he worked at the prestigious house for eight consecutive years.

Broad-minded : In charge of many aspects of the brand, relationships with clients, couture sales, atelier management and events planning, Eric Tibusch acquired a noticeable French savoir-faire. Eager to learn, captivated by his passion, he observed meticulously the ways and means to create stunning pieces.


Upstanding: Filled with an incredible fashion know how, Eric Tibusch moved up and worked with a renown fur design studio for two years. Back then, he got the chance to meet talented designers with innovating visions of luxury. It was a revelation to him! Natural materials, especially fur and skin were valuable, inspiring, yet essential elements in couture creations. At that time, one of his friend ventured the idea to launch his very own label and try to put his remarkable talent to the test.


Strong : In 2006, the Parisian house Eric Tibusch was founded. More resolute than ever, Eric Tibusch established his brand with a strong identity behind, modelled on his vision of the past, his daily surroundings and personal conception of the future. A dear friend, precious supporter and business partner of the designer, Henri Joli, co-founded the label with Eric Tibusch. Also previously working for Jean Paul Gautier as his private secretary for more than 20 years. Henri Joli’s passion and valuable experience combined to Eric Tibusch’s gave birth to the fashion house.                        


Creativity : With his undeniable sense of style combined to a unique vision, Eric Tibusch made a name for himself in the immense realm of fashion. Very often described as classic, his collections constantly reflect a distinguished personal touch. One of the atelier signature element is undoubtedly the rose thorns, symbol of the balance between softness and harshness. As other essential sources of inspiration in Eric Tibusch’s work, films, “the essence of creativity”, and art, as we can see in his wearable art pieces, collaboration with Alexandra Mas.                       

Humble : Although distinguished from others by his astonishing creations, grounded visions and life changing experiences in fashion, Eric Tibusch describes himself at best, as “a creative person remaining in reality, pragmatic and humble.” As an expert of beauty, a leading edge of couture and sophistication, Eric Tibusch’s talent will, sure thing, remain timeless.

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