The things we love: Shoes

The things we love: Shoes

Shoes are arguably the epitome of any wardrobe. They are the best accessory that can improve any outfit that other accessories can’t seem to manage. As Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” In the past, shoes were simply worn to comfort feet, only more recently have we stopped thinking about buying shoes for their protection and more to expand our ever growing collection and boost our confidence. Shoes have come a long way since their creation thousands of years ago and even more so in more contemporary times. Up until 1850 there was no difference in the shape between the left and right shoe! The Victorian era is when shoes became more comfortable and flashier. A wider variety of shoes were introduced such as fashion boots and heels for women. During this time, you could only afford shoes if you were very wealthy so the women that could would proudly show off their feet at any opportunity.

Fashion entered the modern era during the 1920’s. Women were given more freedom to wear comfortable clothing. Rather than being restricted to wearing heavy dresses and corsets, a lot of women switched to flapper dresses and T-bar heels.

In the 1930’s and 40’s shoes were very practical. During this time men would have to go and fight in WW2 while the women took over their jobs. This was the first time women were given the opportunity to work. Leather wasn’t widely available at this time so shoes were made of heavy fabrics and reptile skin. The colours of the shoes the women wore were dark during the winter and the colours of their country’s flag during the summer to show their patriotism.

During the 1950’s, fashion started to change from its old conservative war years to a new decade of elegance and glamour which brings us to the invention of stiletto heels. Despite this new found era; there was a lot of controversy regarding the length of womens’ skirts as the hemline moved up one inch every few years.

The 1960’s focused a lot more on comfort over the style the stiletto provided. Go-Go boots and platform shoes in every colour of the rainbow were a fashion staple. Society was also starting to embrace this new unisex hippie style where women wore buttoned shirts and trousers.

In the 1970’s the public were taking tips from the popular film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and popular glam rock artists such as David Bowie which started the trend of men and women wearing thick platform shoes. These were usually styled with a pair of hot pants or bell bottomed trousers.

The 1980’s was predominantly about big hair and bright clothes. Mules and kitten heels became very popular during this time. A number of subcultures formed during this decade which were the polar opposite of the mainstream craze including skinheads, punks and hip hop which popularised brands such as Doc Martens and Adidas.

In the 1990’s there were a lot of different fashion trends. These were inspired from pop culture to old trends to new innovative ideas at the time. This included platforms and light up trainers. Jelly shoes were a popular trend with kids and have recently made a comeback with the 90’s generation.

Today, everyone is looking for individuality; but nowadays a lot of retailers don’t have a different or special edge to their products. STACCATO is a brand that provides fashion forward yet wearable shoes. The AW16 collection offers a new variety of styles and colours which are perfect for the season. The mix and match style is a big part of their upcoming collection ranging from simple colours to wear to work to dazzling glitter stilettos for nights out. STACCATO provides a number of versatile shoes for any occasion. The company has a mix of retro and modern styles. The flatforms and sliders are convenient for those who have to move around a lot and want to stay stylish. They also offer a wide range of wedges which have remained popular for the past decade due to their trendy yet casual look. The unique style of the shoes are a must have for any fan of fashion and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

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