Things to do in Shanghai on a Monday

Things to do in Shanghai on a Monday

Monday has arrived and it can either symbolise a hard week ahead packed with work or it’s the start of your week attempting to relax from your usual routine, but either way, you have to make it a fun one! Start your week in the way you want it to end and what better way than to start it through your stomach! We’ll be letting you know all about our favourite places in Shanghai in a fashion that'll be suitable for all from the executives that enjoy treating themselves to the luxury Shanghai has to offer to the budgeting students that love a good deal and delicious meal. Being in the bustling city of Shanghai, it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd. Allow us to guide your way.

Breakfast has always been said to be the most important meal of the day, so why not start your day right? And by right, we mean by diving yourself into some of the best pancakes you can find in Shanghai. Mr. Pancake House offers delicious pancakes and other breakfast meals such as omelettes and breakfast burritos in an American-style diner. Our personal favourite is their salmon omelette which is made with cheese and salmon served with two pancakes and homefries for only 48RMB, so treat yourself with your moneys worth on the way to start your fabulous day.

 (Mr. Pancake house has multiple locations across Shanghai and also available for delivery on, 877 Wuding Lu,near Jiaozhou Lu武定路877, 近胶州路)

As hectic and crazy the reality of Mondays can be, it's our job to make sure that we make our Mondays as relaxing as it can be. Make the most of the weather (and the metro AC) and hop down to The Shanghai Botanical Gardens. Tickets are only 15RMB and you can stroll around the gorgeous scenery to escape the bustling city.

shanghai botanical

(Metro: Shilong Road, 947 Longwu Lu, near Baise Lu 吴路947, 近百色路)

Shanghai is famous for its amazing food deals all year round and available all week so make the most of it! On Mondays you can now enjoy Happy Mondays at The Apartment with 50% off food every Monday evening as long as you arrive before 7pm and make a reservation, the perfect place for Dinner with a selection of burgers (Normally around 58 RMB) , pizzas (Normally around 68 RMB) , other mains and appetizers, it a deal not to be missed!


(3/F, 47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu永福路473, 近复西路Tel: 6437 9478)

So there you have it! A Shanghai Monday in all its glory…

And That’s it!

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