The coolest places around the world to shop

The coolest places around the world to shop

Are you addicted to concept stores as we are?

We absolutely love shopping at little, unique boutiques that tend to put a hole in our wallets with every visit.  Concept stores are different to regular stores as they try to give their customers a fascinating and one-of-a-kind experience. Year after year, more brands are embracing and experimenting with this idea to make them stand out from the crowd.  As consumer habits constantly evolve, businesses need to keep up to date in trends in order to stay relevant.

Here are a list of our favorite concept stores around the world from Manhatten New York to Shanghai.

Manhattan New York, US

Story is a store located in Manhattan. Their concept is to bring a new theme, trend or issue to life in their store. Story’s owner says that “Story has the view of a magazine, everything changes 4-8 weeks like a gallery, and it sells things like a store.” The shop is always offering new merchandise with a different theme in the store to complement the products. This fresh idea means that certain items sold a few months ago will not appear in the store again.

Vixen, Sweden

A new store has recently unveiled in Sweden with a new and innovative idea – there are no employees in the shop and everything is paid for using an app on your smart phone. The doors of the store can be opened using your phone meaning that the shop is open 24/7. The idea came from a man in the small Swedish town of Vixen, who thought having a convenient store nearby to buy essentials such as groceries in times of need would be helpful for him and his neighbours.

Melbourne, Australia

Dust is a multi sensory concept label and boutique in Melbourne. It is part tea shop, fashion store and music store all in one with a sleek design. The design of the store is minimalist metal and glass. Inside the store there are animated LED screens, black on black textures, and mirrored reflections which heighten the experience when you visit. All clothes are black and white and there is an in-store printer that will print out a design in your size.



Shanghai, China

At last, but not least, Pawnstar is a store located in the heart of the Former French Concession in a building in the Clement Apartments. The complex has four five story buildings with a beautiful garden and is described as “rustic, twee, quaint, and French village- retro” in the words of Pawnstar co-founder Nels Frye. Bringing London’s Portobello Road to the streets of Shanghai; the store sells second hand clothes, accessories and shoes for men and women. The retailer is very different from what you would normally come across in Shanghai. When you step in the room, the items are exhibited a lot like a walk in wardrobe. There are so many items in the store you could spend all day looking! However, it’s not just a place to shop till you drop; it’s also a great place to hang out with friends on the weekend because of its homely and comfortable environment. The store uses a consignment model, meaning that people give their items to sell but retain ownership of the item until it is sold. The owner receives a percentage of the sale when the item sells. This means the majority of the product sourcing is local, which is what separates Pawnstar from other secondhand businesses in China. Their idea is to try to encourage locals to make their contribution to limiting waste and pollution by keeping items for longer and purchasing secondhand. Many items in the store are from high-end designers such as Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Louboutin while others are from local designers. They offer a number of completely one-of-a-kind upcycled items in tore. 

We believe interesting things should be in interesting places.

And…That´s it! 

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