The world’s most comfortable keyboard?

The world’s most comfortable keyboard?

Are you also one of those people who loves smartphones for all the great things they brought in our life – watching movies comfortably wherever you are, a camera that makes a normal digital camera look rather dreary and tons of games to choose from – who would never want to go back to those cellphones with a keyboard if it wasn’t for … the keyboard? Hand on the heart, besides all the great advantages of a smartphone, we all have had those moments where we wished to exchange its cold, flat keyboard for a good, old keyboard with actual keys.

Did you just say “Yes”? Well, then this article is good news for you.

A young company named “Serafim”, that has already made itself a name through its “projection mouse”, has launched a project on on November 2016 for the world’s “Most Advanced Projection Keyboard And Piano” – iKeybo.

In brief, iKeybo is a small device that laser-projects a keyboard onto any flat surface and it easily connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or USB. Hence, you can enjoy stress-free typing without having to carry around an external keyboard. Besides English, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish layouts are available. More languages will be released depending on the requests the company gets.

And now the reason why it says “and Piano” in the introduction: iKeybo also comes with a built-in music app and allows the user to play four instruments (piano, bass, drums and guitar) on one keyboard. This comes in especially handy for people who would like to play an instrument but do not have the money or space to use a real instrument.

iKeybo is currently only available on and will be shipped worldwide with the earliest shipping planned in May this year. Campaign prices on range from $79 to $158 and differ depending on which set you choose – the “1 Language and Piano Keyboard Set or the “Bilingual Set” with two languages. Note that the sets are limited and some sets are already sold out.

I am one of those people who seems to not be able to find the right keyboard that allows me to input letters quickly without having to delete them shortly after because I mis-typed the second letter (oh tjose srupid moments…). So hearing that the roundish design of the keys prevents the user from hitting the wrong letter, makes me expect much. Also, the size of the projection – 268 x 105 – is not too big so it should be easy to find a surface that fits the keyboard even when you are, let’s say, in a restaurant or on a train.

However, since the layout of the keyboard is decided by the optical lens the device is equipped with, once you choose your iKeybo – with or without the Piano Set and with your selected language – you cannot add another language or function. It is like when you choose your first Pokémon. Everything else has to be caught (bought) separately afterwards.

The days of stressful typing are over.

Just connect your phone.

And... That's it!

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