Quick & easy tips to look stylish all the time

Quick & easy tips to look stylish all the time

Without any doubts, we girls always want to make ourselves look stylish and amazing all the time. However, that may require a whole lot effort and money to invest in it. Here are some smart tips for you to boost your outfit stylish level in a really short time— Do some work on your head! You will be surprised by how big the difference can make to the whole look with such a little twist. 

1. Hats

This is the easiest way to make yourself look stylish and stand out from the crowd. The key thing is to select a perfect hat which suits your head shape, face structure, etc. The journey of picking the right hat for yourself may not be that easy. But trust me, once you find the one, you will realise its all worth it!


2. Hairstyles

We care about a lot on our clothes but always forget the fact that a good hairstyle can make such differences to the whole look. There are so many easy hairstyles which can be done under 10 mins. From big sexy waves, half-up bun, braids, or even simple ponytails would give you a surprising result! 

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3. Hair Accessories 

We see hair clips and hairbands a lot in the market so why not try a unique alternative. “Featherbuns” are made from upcycled silks to add an individual touch to your everyday style.


These eye-catchers are inspired by traditional Peruvian Featherworks and knitted locally in Germany by a professional knitter with special upcycling knitting techniques. Instead of real feathers, all the materials are from new and unused silk scarves with minor imperfections and selected secondhand scarves that we spin into yarn. This guarantees you a great wearing comfort with this feather light hair accessory and also add an extra value to it, which we appreciate the nature instead of plundering resources. 


Featherbuns comes with three different styles and nine bright colours. And of course you can also DIY your own one. 

Style: Classic Featherbun

Style: Featherbandeau

Style: Bridal Featherbun

You can find more information about Featherbuns here and order it now from €29. (All the funds are used to pay knitters a fair wage and to cover production costs.)


And...That's it!

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