The plastic bag that is biodegradable and edible

The plastic bag that is biodegradable and edible

Now this is innovation!

For the longest time, we (in this case referring to the entire world) have had issues with creating too much waste. From food that isn’t completely finished or food that rots before we have a chance to eat it to napkins and tissues that are discarded after one wipe of your mouth or dining room table – we are incredibly wasteful. The biggest culprit of all though, are plastic bags – commonly found in shops and supermarkets worldwide.

Plastic is one of the most convenient, multiuse inventions ever created but unfortunately is also one of the most deadly for our planet. The biggest issue about plastic bags is how they are not biodegradable. On average, each discarded plastic bag takes about 100 years to finally disintegrate into the Earth. When you combine that with the fact that, there is up to one million plastic bags being used every 60 seconds, we should all take a step back and reevaluate our usage of these bags.

Fortunately, someone is doing just that!

Avani, a Bali-based company has created a line of fully biodegradable products including take-out boxes, straws, forks, spoons, cups and yes…bags. These bags are made from “cassava root starch” and other natural resins, making them biodegradable into soil after 3-6 months. To add to that, the bags can be quickly dissolved in hot water, softened in cold water or burned into a small pile of ash.

My favorite part though is that with the bags being made from natural resin, they are safe for animals to eat. Studies have shown that upwards of one million animals and insects die each year after ingesting plastic bags. In addition, they say the natural resin has a slightly sweet taste. There is a video online that shows some crayfish fighting over who will get to eat the bag! You can also see the creator, Kevin Kumala, in another video dissolving the bag in a glass of hot water and drinking it himself to show that it is completely safe.

While we should all be thinking of ways to create little to no waste, this will undoubtedly take time. For now, products from Avani are an extremely smart step in the right direction.


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