How to spot them fake YEEZYs

How to spot them fake YEEZYs

All those sneakerheads who love wearing THE sneakers watch out because the fakes are almost looking eerily similar to the original ones. This is for all those people who pay a lot of money for them YEEZYs and wants to make sure if they are originals or not.

This article is going to concentrate mainly on how to spot the fake YEEZY Boost 350 V1

Look carefully at the direction of the wave pattern in the V1:

Umar MuktharcYeezy.jpg


The tiny lines running from left to right makes this design unique. Most of the fakes in the market make the lines run from top to bottom. The snearkerheads can sniff this major difference out easily.

And then comes the middle stitching:


The middle stitching of the shoe is supposed to run all the way from the upper portion to the downside of the outsole. One can easily check this by running ones hand over the seam. And it's a given fact that the shoes should be symmetrical.


The heel tabs:


The heel tabs should have nine stitches across the center box. Many fakes manage to get this right, but the back stitching is often wrong. There should be stitching on both sides, and the side boxes should have five red stitch spots. The tab and collar is one centimeter.

The insoles:

This is a very common mistake made by the fakes. But the originals insoles are in opposite directions both on top and bottom.

The laces:

The pattern on the laces should be running different from the upper portion to their lower. And they should also be lighter in color compared to the shoes.

If this doesn't help you to spot a fake YEEZY, you can always check out some YouTube videos and point out those fake ones.


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