Maximalism, as a term in the plastic arts, is used by historian Robert Pincus-Witten to describe a group of artists, including Julian Schnabel and David Salle, associated with the turbulent beginnings of Neo-expressionism in the late 1970s. These artist were in part "stimulated out of sheer despair with so long a diet of Reductivist Minimalism" This maximalism was prefigured in the mid-1960s by certain psychoanalytically oriented paintings by Gary Stephan.

For our April issue we have the privilege to team up with Poesia by Chris Chang to remind you that less is never more, on the contrary, more can definitely express more. By sharing ideas and visions with the designer herself, That's it Magazine will go through this Fashion month along with the brand's team, running from an exclusive interview to fashion event. But even more, we will explore the complex world of Maximalism and its true meaning while perceived from different angles. Our editorial crew will also depict for you what is, really, in the heat of the moment, unveiling the fascinating essence of Poesia, for memorable, yet unforgettable insights into the brand's colorful world. Stay tuned !


"More is more, less is NEVER more." - Chris Chang

 Chris Chang - Fonder of Poesia

Chris Chang - Fonder of Poesia

Originally from Taiwan, the brilliant, remarkably talented Fashion expert Chris Chang immigrated to the United States when she was 9 year-old. After she received her education in America at the prestigious Parson School of Design in New York City, she moved back to her home land a few years later. Chris Chang has now worked as General Manager of Prada Taiwan for eight years.

Pursuing her inspiring and remarkable career in the fashion industry and after noticing a severe lack of choices in children's fashion luxury, the visionary Taiwanese artist founded her own label, Poesia, in 2006. When she started, Chris Chang focused essentially on garments and accessories for the youngest. As a result of the brand's success and the designer's pioneering spirit, 15 points of sales were flourishing in North America in the likes of high-end stores like Barney's in New York. The next year, Chris settled in Shanghai where she established her studio for the production of children's wear.

2008 was a big turn for Chris Chang. For the Autumn/Winter collection, the designer launched Poesia by Chris Chang, her immensely acclaimed first women's wear line which received an immediate, yet unprecedented, success. The same year, some of her illustrations appeared in Vogue. The next year, the brand hosted a widely-covered Fashion Show in Beijing’s 798 art district where 300 people attended the very awaited event. POESIA by Chris Chang was then, officially launched. 


A surrealistic juxtaposition of refined textures, colorful patterns and avant-garde cuttings.

Seasons after seasons, Chris gets more and more inspiration from a multitude of details, fractions of this so-mysterious world in which we are all living and evolving. For instance, Children’s dolls, the microscopic kingdom of insects, the idyllic world of birds, traditional costumes from Mongolian and Yunnan ethnic tribes and many other fascinating elements help the designer to plan, conceive and bring to life Poesia collections, year after year.

Renowned to be constantly playing with colors and textures, for her latest collection, Chris Chang, once again, aimed to create a unique, yet innovative style of luxurious apparel for eccentric and confident ladies. Her design could be defined as a fantasist ensemble, a juxtaposition of extremes, mixing East and West, dark with bright, an exquisite canvas bringing dreams to reality with joyful, exaggerated and avant-garde cuttings.


MAC X POESIA by Chris Chang

Known to be one brand of a kind, yet a leader in the world of cosmetics and beauty, the Canadian label, MAC, keeps providing to its young customer target audience exclusive make-up lines of the highest quality as well as skin care and beauty products with panache, creative designed packaging and very often, exciting collaborations...

This year, a phenomenal partnership with POESIA is on its way to the outlets. Yes, you read it right ! The brand is about to reveal its latest collaboration, this time, with POESIA by Chris Chang and will launch the color-explosive line this month.

“My inspiration comes from the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries, as well as the transformative world of art. My clothes are imbued with a supercharged drama both individualistic and childlike in its interpretation. My designs are for women who are eccentric and confident. Color is the integral fuel of my imagination and the spirit MAC and I share.  This collaboration is a dream come true for the maximalists of the world.” 
Chris Chang, Founder and Designer of the POESIA.



Words / Anthony Guérin