Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze

《Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze》is a photo album published by Shanghai-based photographer Ka Xiaoxi at 2015.

When Ka Xiaoxi shows up at a nightclub with a camera, he is like a dark shadow that moves from one corner to the other. It´s only when you see the flash goes off that you know he is there. This is his life, passion and art.

In the past years, Ka Xiaoxi has been taking several portraits of young Chinese, designers, musicians, artists, and urban looking fashion kids after midnight hours at bars, nightclubs, music festivals and other private locations. Some of them are Ka's friends and others are strangers. The environment that surrounds him inspires his creations.

In the past, the night scene of the young generation in China was kept low. For eight years Ka Xiaoxi has captured how their appearance have changed over time. From dancing til sunrise at electronic music festivals, to dressing in a way that speaks, he captures the world of the Chinese youth, street culture and fashion in its most authentic, rawest and craziest forms, 

Following Ka Xiaoxi's last photo book “A Fragment of China's Youth”, the latest release “Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze “contains Ka Xiaoxi ’s works from 2011 to 2015, with a closer look into the world of Chinese youngsters. 

At the beginning of this year, the That´s it editorial team came across Ka Xiaoxi's latest work in search for the new cover story for January. While sharing a bottle of wine, discussing new resolutions for 2016 and all these promises we make to ourselves that are particularly hard to keep, we decided to choose a simple commitment that we would keep for 2016 - “Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze”. To start off the new year, being true to yourself, turning broken promises into true events we say goodbye to 2015, but we never say goodbye to “Planet Booze”.

And...That's it!