Living in the Material World is the fourth studio album by well know musician George Harrison who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles, this album was released in 1973 by Apple Records.

  ’   George Harrison: Living in the Material World ‘ documentary film by Martin Scorsese

’ George Harrison: Living in the Material World‘ documentary film by Martin Scorsese

Are we living in a material world? 

This month, for the November issue, on whether psychological or physiological we do. We will introduce designs that discovers new materials or redesigning old ones. 

Living in a building made by concrete, wearing clothes from different textiles

Material achievements, of things like Rolls Royces and Rolexes — are things within a universe of materialistic ideas. We Gotta Have It!

Daily covered with ads and surrounded by stores, but for some people this stuff is all they need.

Things! There is little that most women enjoys more than thinking about, looking at, and acquiring them, flipping through online catalogs in search of new shoes, bags and beauty products, this is the daily appetizer.

Today most people are bold materialist, object-obsessed people that makes up the masses in our capitalist society today, with a pressure to buy and attain. However everything from the brand of our smartphone to choose of your salad dressing says something about who we are to the world today. 

And...That´s it