GAomei Wetlands | TAICHUNG

Gaomei Wetlands is located in Dajia, Taichung, one of the most well known and well preserved wetland habitats in Taiwan. It was called Gaomi back in the Qing Dynasty renamed Gaomei during the Japanese colonial period. The Gaomei Wetlands stood over 300 hectares but it is only 1/10 of the whole Dadu River wetlands. It is a special mix of mud and sand which bred diverse organism of animal and plants including birds, fish, crabs, and invertebrates.

The Gaomei Wetlands is an excellent location for bird-watching. Migratory birds can be seen throughout various seasons. It’s a top shelf location for biological research purposes or simply leisure bird watching. The breath taking scenery during the sunset is truly a must see while visiting Taichung. When you take off your shoes and soak your feet in the wetland, it is a natural relaxing sensation. With windmills on the background, the extraordinary wetland scenery and the sunset, Gaomei Wetlands is a hot spot for photo shooting. For movies, music video, photos for magazines, this place is known for killing a lot of films or nowadays taking up a lot of memory space.

A biking route is organized along the wetland, connecting to the port and the biking trails in Houli. Gaomei Wetlands is a popular scenic spot among bikers in Taichung. Gaomei Wetlands is definitely one of the must visit in Taichung. Make sure you stop by the near Wuci Harbour for the fresh seafood after Gaomei Wetlands, it will make a mind and stomach fulfilling afternoon.