That's it is an online magazine that provides a big voice for the smaller voices. We aid the brands we love to obtain the exposure that they need to launch themselves. In collaboration with bloggers, That´s it explores various lifestyle topics from all corners of the world. And...That´s it! 

A Brief History

At first, we were three bloggers that came together for our love of putting the things we love into words. We wanted to create a blog where we could collect and share our favorite news stories from our blogger friends from across the world, and that's it!

That's how That's it was born.

Each month, we select and design a new theme for the website. Now here we are! Last year we did the collaboration with Vancouver Fashion Week and Toys"R"Us. We now cover a wider range of design topics and have over 4,000 subscribers. Now, we’re moving forward and are ready to launch our Chinese website.

Our Team

Editor in Chief - Inès Liang

Creative Director - Nancy Miao

Managing Editor - Camilla Gleditsch

CSO - Rónan Kent

Head of Website Operations: Natalie Bunbury

Social Media Account Manager: Isa Yin

Chinese Translator & Assistant Editor: Angela Hsu

Chinese Translator: Shen Dylan Yun Chao


Department Editors: 

Fashion Editor: Anthony Guérin

Food & Lifestyle Editor: Radhiyyah Phillips

Art, Design & Tech Editor: Dinda Pramesti 

Junior Editors: 

Bettina Sanada /

Grace Elizabeth Brookes /

Umar Mukthar Joshi /

Ryan Sims /

Fiona Jin /

Roseline Roucher-Sarrazin /

Sagar Chaudhary /

Nathalie Vann La /

How to report something:

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