Nice girls don't stay for breakfast

Located in Paris' Marais area, Hotel Bourg-Tibourg is a neo-gothic hotel designed by Jaques Garcia. 

With is particular decor of clover patterns, red-and-brown striped-tissues, XIXth century engraving and Viollet Le Duc chandeliers, Hotel Bourg-Tibourg has an atmosphere of its own.

The hotel soundtrack is also part of the atmosphere. This December, a best of this sound track will be available as a luxury vinyl set at world-famous Paris store Colette. Selected by French artist Guillaume Sorge (who has worked on sound design for Lanvin, Guerlain, Givenchy, Veuve Cliquot and Cartier just to name a few), the compilation is an extension of the hotel’s modern and timeless atmosphere. Surfing effortlessly from 50s American jazz through underground electro and bouncy pop, it dextrously blends cult and contemporary, seduction and elegance, just like the Bourg Tibourg itself. 

What all the artists on the album have in common is that they know how to blur the trail. This fits perfectly with the world of the Bourg Tibourg, which is simultaneously baroque and very contemporary. Though it may be discreet background music, sensitive ears will be irresistibly drawn to this soundtrack. Hurry to get yours, it is limited to 1,000 copies only! 

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