Opening Ceremony x Intel MICA Bracelet

Words | Photo : Opening Ceremony

Words | Photo : Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony and INTEL have come together and put a luxurious face on technology by way of the MICA bracelet, which is an acronym for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. The piece is geared towards women and wrapped in snakeskin set with pearl, obsidian and other semi precious stones.

On the underside of the MICA is a 1.6 sapphire touch screen that will allow the wearer to access a personal calendar, accept or decline Facebook events and get Yelp search and suggestion results. However don’t call it a “Smartwatch” because this wristwear won’t allow you to make phone calls. Communication is confined to text messages and the replies are limited to roughly 50 canned responses unless you hook it up to a computer and use the accompanying website.

At $500 this pretty piece of technology that costs an even prettier penny but built into the cost is a 2-year data plan with AT&T. It also boasts a whopping 48 hours of battery life, which is impressive to say the least. Look for the device at Opening Ceremony as well as Barney’s New York.


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