Adap.Table - The Freedom To Create

Adap.Table - The Freedom To Create

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The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction.
— Laurie Colwin
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Our mission at Adap.Table is to design table accessories that enable more freedom for people to create working and living spaces in line with their individual taste. We believe comfort and creativity will fully blossom when we genuinely love where we work and live in.




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Adap.Table takes inspiration from collapsible, folding/foldable, detachable, and stackable furniture designs tracing back to Egyptian time throughout history. In light of the needs for more mobile furniture that is space saving and easy for transportation, Adap.Table wants to create detachable and flexible table legs and table accessories with an aesthetic sense induced by a human touch and an environmentally sustainable approach.

The idea of creating well-functional, chic-looking, and flexible-to-assemble table accessories thus brought Adap.Table to life.

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Adap.Table debuts with table legs that enable one to adapt any board (table top, door, screen, plank, etc.) into a table. Simply find a flat surface of any size and material, tighten our Adap.Table legs onto it, and there you have unique table that reflects your own personality.

Adap.Table’s first collection comes with 2 designs: Delta and Ribbon. The table leg designs go beyond mere practicality.  They are not just accessories to the tabletop, but a design statement for their owners.

The Delta, following its name, is a reference to the Nile River in its shape and in its Egyptian heritage. The Ribbon is a modern interpretation of ornamenting your table by wrapping them with elegant legs.

A clamping mechanism is used to attach the legs to the tabletops which means that they can be attached or removed with a few simple twists - no screws necessary. Made of robust steel, the strong and sturdy legs can be used to set up everything from a home office, dining table to a workbench that fits perfectly into different lifestyle. 

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About Designer

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Francois was born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1978. He graduated from University of Pretoria in Marketing. After college, he travelled around the world and ended up living in Taipei for 13 years. During his stay in Taipei, he studied Industrial Design at Shih Chien University. His time there was instrumental in shaping his understanding of the process of design and how this process can be applied to all aspects of life. Francois was exposed to a wide range of design challenges often in the form of design competitions. He received accolades in everything from the A.S.O Shoe Design 
Competition to the Incheon City Design Competition in Korea. After graduating, Francois did an internship at XRANGE, a multi-disciplinary architecture office in Taipei, where he learned an immense amount about the practicalities of design projects. He also spent some time at Kengyu design working on a range of interior design projects. Since then, he has been involved in projects ranging from graphic and packaging design to the interior design of cafes and offices. 

Francois and Ta Yang’s first big collaboration was Pica-Pica café. Working together on this very personal café allowed them to develop greater symbiosis in their collaborations. 

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Ta Yang was born to revolutionary Taiwanese parents in Belgium. Fighting against the man has been a central part of his life ever since. After studying architecture at Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Intercommunal in Brussels, he started working in Taiwan. 
Since then he has been unable to make up his mind as to whether to make Brussels or Taipei his base, moving between the two every few months. He currently is the founder and CEO of design firm Dachi and owns/runs WaH! Ta Yang has acted as the Art Director at various organizations and projects, including Suho Memorial Paper Museum, Creative PR Agency Tonwando, and CHANEL Jewelry etc. He started his career as an architect.

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