PISTA By Emma Pardos & Las Coleccionistas

PISTA By Emma Pardos & Las Coleccionistas

PISTA is a limited edition collection of accessories by Emma Pardos and together with the photographers, Las Coleccionista

Development of the collection's aesthetic concept, product selection, print application, design, and production.

Pista is a limited edition collection of printed accessories, designed in Barcelona and produced in Spain, composed of three complementary elements: backpack, scarf, and socks.

The nexus of the collection is the print, made up of a series of objects organized on a colored background. Pista comes from the idea of cataloguing various discarded objects as a way of ordering city accumulation. These pieces, seemingly unrelated, acquire new meaning once grouped and sorted. The found clues (pistas) have a use  once again, creating new patterns through photographs.

In the collection different finishes and fabrics are combined. The pattern in the collection appears as a print applied to silk scarves, to polyester on the backpack, and as knitted fabric on the socks, (the original pieces being simplified in this case.)

The fabrics used range from natural to synthetic, contrasting the use of silk, knit, and polyester. The mix and choice of materials is intrinsically related to city life and they adapt to their use and to the function of the garments.

The result is a very colorful, unisex collection of designs reduced to their essentials, with references to sports aesthetics. 

Photography: Las Coleccionistas

Styling: Emma Pardos



Las Coleccionistas is a photography studio located in Barcelona set up in 2009 when María Revuelta and Núria del Moral decided to start making mutual photography projects.
Las Coleccionistas works to explore new ways of expression and creativity in the use of photography. We understand photography as a way of communication, but also as a way to help us finding new meanings and alternative interpretations of our surroundings.

The aim of the studio is to create in time a coherent body of work both with self-commisioned projects and in collaboration with other local companies, ad agencies, designers and other creators.

Experimentation is at the core of the studio's practise. Las Coleccionistas left its mark on every aspect of the creativity process. In addition to photography, we art direct shoots from inception to completion; from initial concepts to the designs and creation of the sets. We also design product collections to research new photography applications.
"To collect photographs is to collect the world (...) Any collection of photographs is an exercise in surrealist montage and the surrealist abbreviation of history". Susan Sontag


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