Dot and Cross

Dot and Cross

The concept was created by Margherita Rui and Alessandro Rado, founders of Treviso-based design-communications studio Dogtrot, in collaboration with Italian designers Daniele Bortotto and Giorgia Zanellato.

Desk / Drawing Board

The desk has been designed in line with the philosophy of the entire collection: following the development of the child, from infancy up to teens. Its lines are fresh and fun, and consist of simple, coloured metal legs. The top of the desk becomes a flexible, modular element depending on the different stages of the child’s growth: in the early years it can be secured at an angle to the structure making it into a fun drawing board. When the child starts school, it can be adjusted making it a good place to study.


The bookcase and shelving system can be customised based on the client's needs. The concept is based on a base module, consisting of 4 joints and 4 panels, the configuration can be extended both in width and in height, making a system which can be easily modified over time. A wide range of accessories will enrich and customise any type of solution.


Convertible Bed

An iconic element of the collection, the convertible bed has been designed following the corner stone principle of the whole design: flexibility. The particular design is like the affectionate gesture of an embrace. Conceived as a soft comfortable alcove, it is a completely new proposal within the panorama of products destined for the world of interior furnishings for the very young: a welcome retreat where they can not only sleep but also play. It can be easily transformed into a colourful sofa, suitable for a precious retreat where the child can read or enjoy its time.

Drawer Unit

The system can be equipped with drawer units available in two solutions – with two or three rows of drawers – and in different colours.


The wardrobes offer variable heights and widths. The configuration of the doors and drawers can be customised. There is the option of inserting soft fabric covered back panels, removable, washable and customisable with pockets, where posters or photos can be attached.

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