Words:Paul Davies

Words:Paul Davies

There are premium-level fashion designers who would spend a fortune to buy themselves some street cred and then there is Rick Owens. His designs, in particular the DRKSHDW range, are firmly rooted in street culture and contemporary U.S. sportswear. Countless magazine spreads have depicted his clothes in skate parks and basketball courts, and with good reason – that’s mainly where they draw their influence from. Even his furniture line resembles an infinite loop skating ramp with its giant nine-foot day bed constructed from plywood.
So it’s no surprise that he’s produced a one-off skateboard that is available during his two-month World of Rick concept store in British department store, Selfridges. Skate fans may recall this was originally introduced earlier in March this year as part of a group of designers who custom-designed boards for the store.

Called the “RICKBOARD” – in upper case because, as he explained to us in a recent interview, “Because I hope it makes everything a bit more enthusiastic and creates a fun proclamative energy! Kind of like a happy self-centered child” – this unique homage to his Californian upbringing is handcrafted out of a petrified wood and looks every bit as worn-in as the battered leather jackets that his mainline range is so renowned for. In an earlier interview from 2012, he explained, “I love the aesthetic economy and independence of a simple board with wheels and the whole world as an available surface. And the joyful reckless virility of having no rules. I like how there seems to be a look to match; simple loose T-shirts and baggy shorts sometimes oversized to almost Kabuki proportions. Humble and opulent like monks’ robes. I’ve used this. The skateboard ramps that I saw in my youth were simple, primitive do-it-yourself landscapes made of curving plywood, often roughly painted black.”

The price, however, means that this is strictly for the ultimate Owens fan – the one that has to own a piece of merchandise that no one else can have. As the product description explains, its delicate nature means that you shouldn’t attach any wheels to it. This is for display purposes.



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