Diesel #DenimOutlaws108#

Diesel #DenimOutlaws108#

That's It | Photo Anna Uvarova

That's It | Photo Anna Uvarova

When: Friday the 29th August

Where: Diesel´s Flagship Store, Kerry Center Jing`An

What: The celebration of Diesel´s Denim Outlaws

Preview of the new DENIM collection and the new campaign #DenimOutlaws108# which will be displayed the 24/7 at the skywalk of Jing`An Kerry Center 

Sept 5th 2014-Diesel party-2

Last week Shanghai´s IT stores hosted one party after the other in the occasion of Vogue Fashion Night out.

Sept 5th 2014-Diesel party-3
Sept 5th 2014-Diesel party-4
Sept 5th 2014-Diesel party-5

On this night DIESEL launched a youth fresh and rebellious collection for fall/winter 2014, aimed for the brave and fearless of us. The spirit of the collection was youth, edgy and effortless cool, spikes and leather, army green and denim. Pieces that would over years never go old.

Expressions of freedom, innovation and the courage of making a bold statement were clearly there. The tunes from the live band Banana Monkey, fruits decorated with pieces of metal, finger food in the shape of skulls and drinks labeled accordingly to your personality set just that vibe that was represented in their new fall winter collection. We could wonder what type of rebellious boy CEO Christopher Archambault was back in the days, but he defiantly brought to live that it is all about ROCK & ROLL. 


The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star.

-Elton John


And… That´s it!

OFORM By Naomi Bijlefeld

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