Dalarna Media Library

Dalarna Media Library

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From the architect. Dalarna Media Library is organized as a ’spiral of knowledge’ identifying a new library culture that stages a wide range of experiences and inspiration. The natural terrain of the surrounding landscape continues as a ramp that spirals up through the central atrium of the library – its heart – where all search of information and orientation take place.

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The spiral of knowledge creates a varied study environment allowing the students to move about in the heart space of the library or to withdraw to more quiet and calm areas along the facade. The variation of sound levels and the differentiation of activities creates a versatile library that is rich in experiences. The building has its very own spatial character uniting library and multi-media functions to create synergy with the existing university complex.

“The library has really become the study environment and the meeting place that we hoped for it to be. The students have taken it to their hearts instantly and uses group spaces and the rest of the study options intensively. Often all the group rooms are fully booked. The Library has even become a very popular place to meet each other – and already we will have a load of activities planned to take place in the arena.” Margareta Malmgren, Library Director, Dalarna University

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