OOF! architecture x Rose Nolan "The Hello House"

Words :  Cody Horne | Photo : Nic Granleese

Words : Cody Horne | Photo : Nic Granleese

Australia-based OOF! architecture has teamed up with artist Rose Nolan to update a Victorian shophouse dubbed “The Hello House.” Featuring bold signage at its front, the structure exudes positive energy and cheerfully greets passers-by. An amalgamation of various influences, the building’s inconspicuous interior design offers up a cozy retreat during the winter months and can transform into an airy pavilion for the summer time — far from what you would imagine upon first glance at the structure. Browse through the above gallery and share you thoughts in the comments below, and find out more about “The Hello House” over at OFF! architecture’s site.

Wyatt Kahn

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