Food For Sex

Photo: Tony Kelly

Photo: Tony Kelly

Maybe you've incorporated whipped cream or strawberries into your hook ups, but you've probably never used these treats in the bedroom. Behold, some very creative ideas that involve sugar, you, your guy, and a whole lotta pleasure. But don't be fooled—there's nothing sweet about any of them.

Melted Chocolate

Warm up a chocolate bar in the microwave for 15 seconds or until it's gooey around the edges but not totally melted. Stand in the tub without the water on or on top of an old sheet and have him use the bar to draw a trail down your body. Ask him to lick it up without lifting his tongue off of your skin then just enjoy it.


Turn a candy necklace into an edible garter. Wear it underneath a skirt or dress, give your guy a sneak peek while you've out, then have him eat it off you slowly when you get home.

Chocolate Dots

Peel off the dots,lick the back then put them to all the place you want him or her to pay attention to. They have to eat them touch them or as you want.