Nowadays women are more independent than they have ever been; thoroughly consumed by a can-do attitude. It's no wonder, then, that many women aren't shy when it comes to pleasuring themselves. That's right: female masturbation is on the rise, and we couldn't we more thrilled (literally). Here are 10 reasons you should join the fun and touch yourself more.

It gives you a natural high  Who needs drugs when you've got dopamine and oxytocin? According to Emily, masturbation releases the "feel good" endorphins, and they come with a slew of heath benefits.

It rids your body of bacteria  Engaging in a little DIY will open up the cervix upon orgasm. This is especially important because, as our expert explains, the woman will be, "able to flush out any bad bacteria while allowing good bacteria to flush in which can prevent infections like UTI’s and cervical infections." If you've ever had a UTI, you know just how painful they can be. Instead of chugging on cranberry juice to cure the infection, why not aim to prevent it from happening in the first place?

It reduces menstrual cramps  We've heard many rumours of masturbation being able to soothe menstrual cramps. Of course we were intrigued and had to get to the bottom of the much discussed topic.

You'll know your body better  Remember that Orange is The New Black episode where the inmates were blissfully unaware of all that goes on down there? Well, you don't want to be those girls. Abandoning the fear of touching yourself will introduce you to a whole new world of pleasure. You'll know exactly what makes you orgasm, and how long it takes to climax.

You'll rock (even harder) in bed  There's a lot to say about a woman who isn't afraid to get down and dirty with her own body. The newfound self-awareness will grant you a certain liberty that might have otherwise been dormant. One thing is for sure: it will leave you more open-minded and possibly willing to experiment further.

It relieves stress  When you climax, good ol' dopamine and oxytocin are released and invoke an inner sense of calm.

You'll get sound sleep  After pleasuring yourself, the release of dopamine and oxytocin, "also promotes a better nights sleep," says our expert.

You can get *there* more often  If you find yourself struggling to reach the big O on a regular basis, some DIY might do just the trick. "Masturbation also helps women achieve orgasms because she’s working her pelvic floor (PC) muscles during masturbation," Emily shared. "Stronger PC muscles lead to more frequent orgasms not only during masturbation but also during intercourse."

You'll be less dependent.  Which means you won't be calling up that no-good dude simply because you're burning with desire.

It feels Ahhhh-mazing  But of course you already knew that! ;-)

The Parisian Eye Edition -IHG’s Hotel Indigo Madrid

The Parisian Eye Edition -IHG’s Hotel Indigo Madrid