Meet the woman behind our July Cover- The founder of Metaverse Nails, Thea Baumann

Meet the woman behind our July Cover- The founder of Metaverse Nails, Thea Baumann

Photo l Kalindy Williams

Photo l Kalindy Williams

Tell us about Metaverse Makeovers?

Metaverse Makeovers (MM) is a glam fashion tech brand based between Melbourne and Shanghai. We comprise a collaborative inter-disciplinary team of artists, creative technologists, and developers. I'm MM's CEO and the inventor of Metaverse Nails. 


How was the idea of Metaverse Nails born? 

Seeing young women playing with mobile phones and social mobile games across nail bars in Asia. I wanted to put Candy Crush style holograms ON girls' fingers. Virtual games you could wear. Redefine what wearable tech could look like - and who it should be designed for: girl babes of the future. 


What is the design specialty?

We design augmented reality wearables using our own tech we call 'fashion pattern recognition'. When our apps scan our fashion patterns it trigger AR holograms to pop out ! 


Describe the type of a person who wears Metaverse Nails?

Digital cyber babes. Girls who are looking to stand out and who express their digital beauty through our Metaverse tech online and in IRL. Young women of the world, who are self-expressive, innovative fashion-forward free-thinkers. And those people and netizens who believe in hot holograms and glam tech ! 


How did you start putting yourself out there?

I just always followed my own vision. And believed with enough determination, grit, and ingenuity - anything and everything was  possible.  


Who daily inspires you?

MM team. I am surrounded by a astounding talented visionaries and innovators. 


What daily inspires you?

The internet.  


What is you next step? 

Building the Metaverse Brand in China. Getting downloads of MMNAILS. Growing our userbase and the Metaverse Social Network. And getting as many people expressing themselves and sharing through our glam hologram tech. 


What is the story around the current collection?

The current collection - BoPeep and Princess Fantasy are our first inaugural collections we are releasing to the world. 

Metaverse Nails are uniquely crafted by MM artists.Princess Fantasy is inspired by our love of 80s anime. BoPeep is inspired by Chinese celebrations. 


How would you describe an average working day at Metaverse Nails. From morning to evening.

 Making holograms real. Every day.  And bringing Metaverse Nails into China, Asia, and to the World.  At Metaverse Makeovers we design everything in-house. From the wearable nails, the holograms, the app, and all the amazing digital creative outcomes and live experiences. 


If there was one advice each of you can give to the young creative designers, what would you say?

Collaboration will fuel you. 


What would be your favorite sentence that would END with; "And...That´s it!" be ?

And #NextLevelNails  ... That's it !

Visit her website here

And...That´s it! 

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