Workout Trends: Why You Need to Try Pole Dancing

Workout Trends: Why You Need to Try Pole Dancing

If you´re like me, you´ve probably been curious about pole dancing. However, you have probably also been unsure of what exactly to expect on your first class. Last month I put my curiosity into motion and joined the amazing Holly Coles at ChiQi Fitness center together with bloggers from the newly launched Shanghai based app called Shanghai Bloggers. Socialites and previous Adidas ambassador Yanie Durocher from The Marginalist, ICS Media and Noblesse Magazine joined in for a pole dancing class followed by a quick trial of Ariel Yoga. Refreshments were provided by gre3n, a delicious coconut water low in calorie, antitoxin, that helps build up a better layer of defense for your body against bacterial, fungal or viral ailments. 

Some ground rules and basic steps followed with a dynamic warm-up before we went full in on our choreographed pole dance routine.  The moves we examined focused a great deal on strength, in a way that is much different from simply lifting weights. The class was relatively set in a slow motion speed, different from other exercise routines that I have explored.

These are the additional reasons we've found why pole dancing is becoming more and more trendy work out today.

1) Lose weight

2) Tone your muscles

3) It will make you stronger

4) It will improve your flexibility

5) It’s SEXY

6) Surprise your husband or significant other

7) It’s fun

8) Knock it off your to do list. 

The downside of taking a spin on the pole I think mostly speaks to the newbies like myself. With all hard work outs comes the recovery phase, the time you need to deal with your sour muscles. However the bottom line of pole dancing is to have fun while working out. And we certainly did!

And…That´s it! 

Visit ChiQi´s website here  to se more of the classes that they offer.  

/ Photos edited by Anna Uvarova

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