Discover new design in POHO, Hongkong

Discover new design in POHO, Hongkong

It's ben a while since I've last visited Hong Kong. They now offer direct flights that links straight across between Taiwan and China. I took the chance of a business trip visiting the district Poho in HK. Taking subways and stopping at Sheung Wan Station, you can walk along the street and discover many things to do! Through Po Hing Fong, Pound Lane, Tai Ping Shan Street and Sai Street, you can find many designed boutique stores and cafés in Poho. And the lovely name “Poho” was named by the local artists and designers.

There are posters and graffiti along the street mixed in with the buildings which gives these HK street a mix of western and eastern cultures. This brings out the unique flavor of Hong Kong. 

Approximately 6-8 minute walk from the station, you'll find Sai Street and then along the way up, there will be an eye-catching shop window. There are many shops around it, luring visitors to take a look at each store.

The street art here is my favorite because it enriches the Hong Kong culture. Buildings surrounding this area are colorful, even the schools looks bright. In between, there are traditional shops such as chop-making stores and Hong Kong style afternoon teas.

Take a look with us down below! art&living art&living is a 2 floored store combined with shop and gallery all together, presenting micro size of exhibition sometimes. This time they demonstrated Japanese artist, Yuki Matsueda’s works. The 3D works bring out a profound visual feeling. 

Address : No. 12, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

amelie & tulips

Owner Ellen and her friend Sappho established the furniture boutique shop which is full of art atmosphere and select products. The most recommended is the classic work“Shell Chair” which was created by Hans J. Wegner in 1963. Besides, other classic brands such as Carl Hansen, Fritz Hansen, Artek, Georg Jensen, iitala and my favorite brand recently - & Tradition - are displayed in this shop as well. If you are a fan of furniture, you better not miss this spot.

Address :  56 Sai Street


The royal blue-appearance shop will catch your eye at once. The continental vintage shop full of vintage gadgets, zakkas, glasses, mugs, ties and design accessories as well. It is a small place but fill with interesting pieces, making you a dazzle of joy.

Address : 6B, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, HK.

Tell : 9677 7815


I seized this rare chance to visit a special cafe. OLD DISH is located aside the road with obvious industrial interior style. There is a cute hand bar for pet so that their keepers can eat comfortably while having their pets secure.

When you step into the café, you can spot the dedicated interior designing by the owner immediately. All the chairs are in different styles but meanwhile echoed with each other. The desultory wall is decorated in old-fashion posters, helpmate, and leather jackets. The cutlery is put on table in a casual way for inconvenience of accessibility.

Let’s take a look at the menu. There are 5 kinds of sets on it that are offered till 6 pm. Although the price of the sets are a bit higher here than TW which contains $50 HKD minimum charge plus 10% service charge, the American breakfast dish is plentiful with eggs, mushrooms, breads, and all kinds of beverage and soup as well. It’s definitely worth it.


You would have thought this is a dessert shop at the first glance, however when you enter the shop your nose tingles with beautiful aroma. Full of the smell of candles, you realize that those are not just dessert but cupcakes and macaroons made from it, even the colors and flavors of them are wide-ranged chosen as the real one. It is perfect as a gift or just for your own. 

Address : No. 18, Upper Station street

Tell: +852 2499 1098

Yes, I know. I could’t believe my eyes either. This is a coffin store in the middle of a bunch of cafes and design boutique shops. I hope I won’t be haunted at night. It is a pleasant walk in the afternoon in Poho. So the next time when you’re available in HK, consider taking some time to stroll around Poho. We wish you have a artful experience here.

And...that's it!

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