Pantheus - Cosmic Electro Pop Phenomenon

Pantheus - Cosmic Electro Pop Phenomenon

As summer is coming to an end, what’s a better time for a musical revelation ! 

That's it mag had the great opportunity to meet Pantheus, the new “cosmic electro - pop” music artist under Roy Music Label, that you don’t want to miss for this ‘back to school’.

Late at night in a Parisian cafe, we met Pantheus, a singer, musician and writer. Minute after minute, We got to plunge deeper and deeper into his very own “universe”, as he calls it. 

French Mehdi Thiriot (alias Pantheus), 19 years old, always received a very artistic education from his parents, musicians and film-lovers themselves. From his earliest days, Mehdi always wanted to play music, an instrument, like his dad. While playing drums at home for a few years, something was still missing in his world.

The triggering factor finally came to him the day he received a piano as a gift from his parents. Even though he never learned how to play, he spent all his spare time self-learning, practicing, tuning, trying and trying again, until the moment he finally seized the right notes, creating melodies, bewitching tunes. His true passion for music was born. 

“A wrong note is something good, something that helps to push your limits further”.  

Weeks after weeks, from composing very personal pieces of music, Mehdi came to the idea of sharing his passion, communicate his melodies to friends and strangers, and finally create an identity, his own “universe”, Pantheus. 

After sending his first title “Lucky Boy” to several labels, adding up other songs, he finally got a proposition from ROY Music, an independent renown parisian label. 

Pantheus' Universe :

- 3 essential titles : Lucky boy, "Everything started from Lucky Boy. This is the first time, I truly accepted my voice."

Look in the Eyes, "Completely different process of composition, I only spent 3 days to create this title from A to Z. According to me, Look in the Eyes is the most accomplished of my songs. The composition was fluid, without complication."

Me, you and us (not released yet), "Entirely new melodies used on this one, more joyful, very hard work to match voice and melodies. I had to push my limits further than further."

- Your style : "Electro sound with pop melodies. I tend to communicate through my music. For example, one of my titles called "Cosmic Mae" was composed for a dear friend Maelle who always inspired me a lot by her talent and drawings she gave me (below)."

- A city : "Undoubtedly, Paris. The city of art, where you get inspired at every corners. Everything seems possible here. Everything is possible in Paris."

- A movie : "Deep End by Jerzy Skolimowski. Probably the most touching, moving film i've seen so far."

- An artist : "The painter Pierre Soulage. His aesthetic touches me a lot. Mainly working with the color black, everything in his work is about perception, power of interpretation and simplicity."

"For me, less is always more"

Where to find Pantheus music ? 

His soundcloud :

His Youtube channel :

and more coming soon, after the release of his first album under Roy Music. Stay Tuned !


Listen and enjoy some great tunes.

And... That's it !

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