8 Things You Should Do in Your 20's

8 Things You Should Do in Your 20's

Your 20’s are your selfish years designed to be packed with adventure, love and new experiences. Here is a short guide on how to get the most out of those precious years as we all know 'adulting' can he harder than it looks.

1. Book a one way ticket around the world

Jump outside your comfort zone and book an adventure. This drama free experience will empower you to make your own decisions and is the first step in tackling new exciting tasks. Say yes to self-empowerment and book the ticket!

2. Couch Surf

Experience a new side to a city by couch surfing. Couch surfing creates a catalyst for meeting new friends, great parties and finding hidden gems. Your hosts are likely to be like minded people with a lifetime of adventures. And, on the plus side you'll also save a ton of money.

 3. Pull a 72 hour night out and go straight to work

Add a spritz of perfume and a eyeliner flick and rock into the office with lasts nights grungy hair and makeup. In your 20's, the most outrageous parties occur so take advantageous of your youthful stamina. Be warned... your 30's welcome terrible hangovers and civilised dinners.

4. Take risks 

The greatest things in life are all gambles. Dive in a shark tank, hike through the mountains and date the cute guy in your apartment. Your 20’s are for exploring and discovering what you love about life. Take a chance and see where it takes you. Who knows what may happen.

5. Don't worry what others think... act goofy and do your thing

Your 20’s are for having fun so say bye bye to flaky friends and crazy diets. Hangout with people who your goals align with and not those who want to hold you back. Enjoy life, be you and cherish the good things…one donut won’t hurt you. 

6. Start a company and turn into a millionaire when you are in your 30's

Take a leap of faith on your passion and create a company. Your 20's are the best time to start growing your network and what better way to do than with your own company. Fancy retiring before you're 30? This is the way to do it. Hello Forbes under 30 millionaires list!

7. Naked Photo Shoot

Explore your boundaries with a nude photo shoot. Either partner up with your significant other or go solo. Your 20's are your prime years so make the most of that fabulous body.

 8. Attend a secret party

Take advantage of your youth and explore your wild side at a sultry party in a secret location.  You'll be surprised who you meet and what you might find...

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And…That’s it!


Photos/ Huffington Post/Pixabay/Public Domain

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