17 People You Will Meet On A Night Out:  Are you on the list?

17 People You Will Meet On A Night Out: Are you on the list?

What can be a better idea to spend the night partying with friends? We drink, we dance, we laugh, and most importantly, we share this awesome moment together. We must all have had those nights that were good, bad, hilarious or even embarrassing when you catching up a coffee with your friends the day after.

Here we have summarized 17 types of friends on a night out. Can you spot your squad members on the list? 

1. The organiser

This is the hero of the group. They know exactly what’s on, where to go, puts everyone on the guest list... all sorted. You don’t have to worry a thing. 

2. The fancy friend

It’s like attending The Oscars for them. Suit up, heels on, hair on point.

3. The group photographer

They never stop taking selfies and photos.

4. The friend who live broadcast the night

Snapchat, Instagram story, WeChat moments... “Wait, am I on your snapchat story again?” 

5. The dancer

6. The friend get turnt when the jam comes on.

7. The ‘shots’ friend

Let’s get some shots shots shots!

8. The ‘craving for food’ friend

This is the best part of the night for them.

9. The ‘always on pull’ friend

This is the reason why they come out. Well, you may just accept it and prepare yourself getting abandoned.

10. The ‘disappearing’ friend

“I will be right back…”

11. The ‘always fall over’ friend

Wondering where all these bruises came from the morning after

12. The emotional friend

After a few drinks, they get emotional and will be talking about life, relationships...and do some very dangerous acts such as drunk texting/calling their ex-es.

13. The friend keeps saying ‘ I am sober’

When they cannot even stand up straight.

14. The social friend

They talk to everyone

15. The ‘pass out too quick’ friend

They probably don’t even make it to the club

16. The ‘loses something’ friend

“Where is my phone…”

17.  The ‘really can drink’ friend

A.K.A. always end up taking care of those super wasted friends above.

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