8 things every woman should know about men

8 things every woman should know about men

Men and women are inherently very different but at the same time extremely similar. There have been numerous studies and publications trying to understand the dynamics and tensions between the two. The opposite sex at times can seem like a mythical creature, defying human logic and having us scratch our heads in confusion.

To help clear up this confusion we’ve put together a list of 8 Things women should know about men.

Cuddling goes two ways

Although, the chances are it’s not as much you do men still love to cuddle. Mix things up a bit and let him be the little spoon for once.

Take a compliment


When men tell you that you look beautiful most women are accustomed to brushing off the compliment or making an excuse. Self-depreciation isn’t sexy. Try to be more confident in yourself and accept the compliment… as hey ho you didn’t spend three hours getting ready for nothing.

Men can’t read your mind

Despite what we may think…Men cannot read our minds. Stop being vague and let him know exactly what you think. Men are also notoriously terrible at guessing presents so plenty of hints are always necessary.

Get a group of lads together and all hell breaks loose

Men are pack animals and love to test their boundaries with their fellow wolf members. Don’t take it personally that your loving significant other turns into a different creature when he’s with his own kind…nature is to blame.

Women are famously better than men at multitasking

Females have better connections between the right and left sides of the brain meaning women are actually better than men at multitasking. Judging that this trait is due to genetics maybe we can cut men a little slack here.

Men want to be batman, not superman


Men come out of the womb wanting to be a superhero and being a hero has always been their dream. However, they don’t want to be superman but batman. Superman is inherently perfect and can do no wrong, Batman on the other hand has a dark side to him and makes mistakes. Men don’t want to be perfect and aren’t and us women need to embrace that.

Men like compliments too

It’s easy for women to forget that men care about their appearances too and love to be complimented once in a while. Women often expect men to notice every change in their appearance e.g. fresh manicure but don’t always return the favour.

Women really do talk more than men

While women can speak on average around 20,000 words a day the average man only speaks 13,000. This stems from women having a higher ‘language protein’ than men and explains why ladies love to chit chat so much.

And…That’s it!



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