The Tesla Technologies that are Saving the World

The Tesla Technologies that are Saving the World

In early June, US President Donald Trump made a historic decision of opting out of the Paris Agreement, the biggest climate initiative signed by all but 2 countries in the world. While this decision was criticised by many, one figure who stood out was Elon Musk, who immediately stepped down from the President’s advisory council.

We all know about Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla. Musk is known for his strong views for solar energy and space exploration. Everyone knows about Tesla’s remarkable electric vehicles but how many of us really know how this futuristic company is changing the world?

Three Tesla Technologies Saving the World Right Now:

1.         The Powerwall

In 2005, Tesla launced the Powerwall, a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be mounted on your wall. The battery uses cells made by Panasonic and the battery module and pack was built by Tesla. Combined with solar panels, the 14 kwh Powerwall would increase energy efficiency up to 92%. This is nearly as good as Enphase’s 96% energy efficient modular batteries.

How does it work?

The excess energy from the solar panels is stored in the battery pack instead of being sent back into the electric grid. Later, when your panels aren’t producing enough electricity, you can use the electricity stored in your Powerwall instead of having to buy it from your energy provider.

Source: Energy Sage

2.         Solar Roof

As the name suggests, you can purchase one of Tesla’s rooves instead of placing a solar panel on your roof. It’s a system that integrates the module and solar cells within the roof structure. While the price of the roof is not immediately appealing, Tesla’s rooves promise a lifetime house warranty and 30 years of power generation guaranteed.

How does it work?

The roof is made of tempered glass which is 3 times stronger than the standard roofing tile.  The mechanism works like any other solar panel without compromising on the aesthetics of your house.

3.         Hybrid-Electric Planes

Elon Musk’s push for a sustainable future has not only inspired several people and his inspirations have reached the skies too. Zunum Aero is learning a thing or two about sustainable travel from Tesla. The airline startup recently received funding from JetBlue and Boeing to build hybrid-electric planes. Yes! You read it correct. Electric planes! The current system of aircrafts is estimated to produce 43 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases by 2050. These plans for a new eco-friendly hybrid plane are right on time! The hybrid-electric planes are rumoured to be comfortable and affordable short-haul flights cutting greenhouse emissions by 80% or more!

NASA and Airbus have also developed electric aircraft concepts that are still at very initial stage of growth.

All in all, we can see a very refreshing trend in the aviation industry that could revolutionize air travel without polluting the environment.

Tips for a greener home

While Tesla’s options can be very enticing to the eyes, they might not be as enticing to your pocket. Here are some DIY things you should try to make your home a greener one.

1.         Always buy rechargeable batteries.

2.         Recycle — all the cool kids are doing it these days!

3.         Switch to Energy Star-qualified appliances when you upgrade. Even if they cost a little more, they'll actually save you on your electricity bill in the long run.

4.         Switch all your lightbulbs to CFLs (or at least switch a few).

5.          Unplug unused chargers and appliances


And... That's it!

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