Embrace the Martha Stewart in you with these top upcycling ideas!

Embrace the Martha Stewart in you with these top upcycling ideas!

A huge part of the environmental issue, the topic of waste and recycling, has been coming up again and again over the last decade. But, did you know that in addition of eventually eliminating waste or trying to consume more eco-friendly goods, you can make your own contribution to reduce your waste while showing off your creativity and crafting skills at the same time? DIY tutorials have been trending all over internet for the past few years. How about killing two birds with one stone by using old material that would go to waste otherwise and use them in your DIY creations?

This month, we are going to wake up the Martha Stewart in each of you by sharing the best ideas for upcycling your waste into fantastic home décor furniture. No more waste and new home treasures everyone will be envious of. So, wait no more, get your crafting tools ready and be creative!

Think of all the stuff in your house. Now think: How much do I actually use? There might be some items you use every day, some you might only use once a month and others you might not use them at all! The easy way is to just get rid of all the stuff you don’t want, only to fill your house up with things you don’t need again. Why not think of a more sustainable and purposeful way to reuse these items? Why do we have all this stuff then? Where can you put it?

Introducing DIY idea #1: Storage boxes

Do you have loads of cardboard lying around in your house and don’t know what to do with it? Cute and simple baskets can be hard to come by so why not just make them yourself? 

What you need:

Lots of cardboard

Strong glue

Old pillow case/bedsheet


Step 1: Find an empty cardboard box.

Step 2: Cut off the flaps with scissors.

Step 3: Wrap your cardboard box with jute (or anything you like) gluing it along the way. This will take some time and patience.

Step 4: Place some linen inside the basket.

Now you have a storage basket!

Introducing DIY idea #2: Chopsticks into Toilet Roll Holder

Next time you’re eating with disposable chopsticks, keep them to make this DIY creation! Using only a chopstick, you can make your very own toilet roll holder! It’s super easy and fun to make, so why wouldn’t you make it?

Step 1: Find a (clean) chopstick. 

Step 2: Paint all of it with glitter and wait for it to dry.

Step 3: Tie a cord around one end of the chopstick then slide the toilet roll onto the chopstick and tie the cord around the other end of the chopstick.

And there you have it, a very modern looking toilet roll holder!

Go to the magic place of any household; yes, I’m talking about your wardrobe! Think of all the unworn clothes and jeans especially that are lying in your wardrobe. Your life is told by your pair of jeans by how worn, faded, ripped and stained they are, show your entire history and the close relationship you have with your jeans. Usedem Russian designer, Xenia, loves transferring these unique designs into new reusable and sustainable items.


Xenia loves how imperfect jeans can look. Having worked in the denim retail industry for many years, she created a project called Usedem to make people more aware about what they buy. All you people who wear jeans, listen up! Just because your jeans don’t fit or have been worn to the very end does not mean that you need to throw them out! In fact, your jeans could fit you better than ever by turning them into a backpack by joining Usedem workshops, right here in Shanghai. Be a creator, a designer! Some might say that old jeans are useless, but Usedem believes that they are raw material. Use your old jeans. Use them. Usedem.


Found inspiration in this article? Share the results of your crafting and creative skills with us in comments! And share your best upcycling ideas with us for a chance to be featured in the next article.

And… That’s it!


Photos Credits: Elizabeth Joan Designs / Make it & Love it / Happiness Wherever / Purple Hues and Me / UseDem

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