Pop-upcycle your summer decoration!

Pop-upcycle your summer decoration!

Popsicles are always a refreshing way to cope with summer’s heat, right? Don’t be in such a hurry to dispose of your popsicle sticks in the recycling bins when you can use them to refresh your home décor as well!

Discover our fresh selection of this week to pop out your creativity and crafting skills with your leftover sticks:


Sunburst Mirror

If you still haven’t succumbed to the trend and got your own sunburst mirror, what about crafting your own?

What you need:

small circular mirror

different size of popsicle sticks

glue gun

glue sticks

the shade of paint you want

circular flat base (something like a medium sized lid of a paint pot)

Step 1: Glue some popsicle sticks all around the base as in the picture above. Be careful with the glue because it’s hot!

Step 2: Repeat the same pattern until the whole surface is filled. Repeat again with another size of sticks while carefully making to gradually go to the center in order to avoid large gaps.

Step 3: A spray or coat of paint and your sunburst mirror is ready!



Hexagon shelf

If you like your decorations to be practical, the hexagon shelf is the perfect option for you!

What you need:

100 popsicle sticks

tacky glue

Paint or varnish


hexagon template

Step 1: Place three popsicle sticks on the template of the hexagon as shown in the picture above and add some glue to both ends of the three sticks. Put three more sticks on top of the previous ones to complete the hexagon.

Step 2: Repeat the same process of layering and gluing until you got the desired depth for your shelf. The displayed example is 16 sticks deep.

Step 3: Leave your hexagon masterpiece to dry completely. Once the glue is dry, you can finally stain the shelf. Make sure to also stain in between all the sticks. Let it dry and your shelf is ready to decorate your wall!


Popsicle Sticks Garland

If you are throwing a party or need decorations with inspirational quotes, a popsicle stick garland will suit your home perfectly.

What you need:

popsicle sticks




paint or a paint marker

Step 1: Place your popsicle sticks on a narrow rectangle shaped cardboard and glue them to it. Make sure that the cardboard edges are well-covered by the sticks.  

Step 2: Draw your letters or symbols on your popsicle sticks square and paint the rest of it with the desired colour.

Step 3: Bend the top part of the cardboard. 

Step 4: Glue the string or ribbon to the cardboard before folding it. There you have it, ready to party or refresh your daily vibes! 


Now you know you can enjoy your popsicles and chill out on a lazy summer day with your freshly crafted home décor.


And… That’s It!


Photos Credits: Pinterest / Gracefully Searching / Make & Do Crew / Pars Caeli

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