Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl - Listen to your Loved Ones One More Time

Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl - Listen to your Loved Ones One More Time

…Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized.”

This an excerpt from last televised appearance of famed professional wrestling legend, The Ultimate Warrior just days before his death. He touches on a few important ideas – final breath, spirit and immortalisation.

As sombre as it may sound to some, everyone and everything dies. For all living things, the moment will eventually come when your time is no more. Yet, different people deal with the death of a pet, friend or family member in a variety of ways. Some may choose to bury the dog in the flower garden because it loved playing there while it was alive. Some may choose to spread the ashes of a loved one into the ocean as a representation of freedom or becoming “one with nature.” Some may throw a small, festive party that focuses on remember the life aspect as opposed to the death aspect of the situation.

Was your loved one the frontman in a cool band or a beloved music teacher? Did your loved one ever travel city to city to see multiple concerts during one leg of their favourite band’s world tour? Did your loved one enjoy like listening to light music on a Sunday morning while reading the newspaper? What if there was a way to honour a loved one and have a physical piece of their spirit along to pair with your fond memories? Believe it or not, someone anticipated that exact thought and is already years ahead of you.

Jason Leach and his UK-based company Andvinyly offers a service that allows buyers to infuse the cremated ashes of a loved one onto a traditional vinyl record – immortalising within the grooves of wax.

This special record is created the same way a normal vinyl record is created, through a process of mixing materials to form is waxy, shiny appearance. The only difference is, the ashes of your loved one are sprinkled onto the top, right before the final pressing – leaving a record that has noticeable small speckles that can be seen across it when held up to light. The speckled remains become more prevalent when the record is played, as it gives of a distinctly fuzzy sound when coming through the speakers. While this is normally not a good thing, the sounds being heard (along with all the other materials used for the audio) truly, physically and symbolically mimic “the sounds of your loved ones.”

The finished vinyl pressing can also be outfitted with any sort of personal picture on the centre stamp while personal information, photo collages and eulogies can be printed on the vinyl sleeve. The audio contents of vinyl record can have anything from ambient sounds to licensed songs that were among their favourite songs to listen to.

In the case of one of their customers, John Hobson, he had gone as far as recording his mother telling old stories years before her death so that he could listen to them after she was long gone. Hobson gave these files of his mother to Andvinyly (along with the ashes) to create a fully playable record that not only contained her cremated ashes sprinkled in, but contained audio of his mother’s voice telling an array of stories he’d recorded of her while she was still living.

They say people die twice, first when your final breath leaves your body and again when the last person that remembers your name and/or the sound of your voice also dies.” Andvinyly has truly created an interesting way to prevent that quote from happening. Imagine the years, the generations that this vinyl could travel through with your family. There could be endless stories and ideas from yourself and from what would become a previous time, waiting to be discovered in the future. This is not only a unique way to honour the spirit of fallen loved one but is a way to keep their memory alive by immortalising them for years to come.

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