The weirdest music gadgets and instruments right now

The weirdest music gadgets and instruments right now

We’re in the middle of a music themed month at That’s it Mag. Whether it's music festivals, albums, recitals or barbershop quartets, they all have one thing in common – the creators. There is no music without its creator. This article is dedicated to the creators and the music makers, giving listeners some of the infinite sounds we hear every day.


Although, over the years, there have been more and more elaborate and creative ways people have created music. From the resurrection of classic and cultural instruments to using today’s cutting edge technology, some musicians and music lovers are always looking for ways to create the sound of tomorrow!


Some of us are willing to go above and beyond to find said sound.


Hybrid Instruments

1.     Fluba – Most people may have heard of a tuba and a flugelhorn, two common members of the brass instrument family, but have you ever heard of a fluba? Well, just as the name suggests, a fluba combines the forward-facing design of a flugelhorn with the sound and power of a tuba to create the very large fluba.

2.     Cello Horn – Of course you know the cello but have you ever seen a cello horn? Well back in 1936, someone decided to drop the traditional wooden body of a cello and attach the bottom portion of it to a horn to create a new sound the lies supposedly lies somewhere between cello strings and brass body.

3.     Octobass – Originally constructed in 1850, the Octobass is a massive double bass that stands over 3 and half meters tall. The frame is so massive that in addition to the bow, it requires foot pedals for it to be played properly.


Future Tech


1.     Korg Cliphit – This small percussion device acts as your personal copycat. What it does is allows you to attach its egg-shaped surface to any “beatable” surface (like tables, bags, machines etc.) Once you hit the table (or surface) and begin to create beat patterns, this device records the sounds and allows you to create loops. Once this is done, users can then repeat this process and create original track based on sounds and patterns you’ve created from beating on different things in your environment.

2.     Numark Lightwave – This speaker system comes from reputable music company Numark. This speaker system works just as any other speaker does with the subtle (not so subtle) addition of playful lights that appear of the rims of each of the speakers. Users can change the colours and tempo of the lights then watch as the lights bounce and move together with the beat of your favourite songs.

3.     Hornucopian Dronepipe – While this could technically be a part of the “instruments” section above, the interesting thing lies within the construction of this instrument. The Hornucopian Dronepipe is an entirely 3D printed instrument that wraps around the user’s body while playing. Its sleek black design was originally designed for an art installation and is truly one of a kind.


Whether your device is 3 meters tall, 3D printed or has glowing lights, the point is to never stop creating. Never stop pushing the limits of sound and how it is presented to the masses. Now, get out there and create something and enjoy the music!

Shanghai residents

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