Insane tech gadgets that are helping people with hearing impairment

Insane tech gadgets that are helping people with hearing impairment

Technology today is constantly surprising us with new, innovative ideas that are making our lives easier. Not only does technology provide many of us with great convenience but certain creations have been able to improve and change lives. There have been many gadgets in recent years that are designed to help people with certain disabilities such as those with a hearing impairment. Here are some examples of these triumphs.


Smart Gloves

Sign language has helped those who are hearing impaired to communicate for many centuries, and now this language of gestures has been given a technological upgrade.

Smart gloves are the creation of two students at the University of Washington that can translate American Sign Language into speech. These gloves recognise hand and wrist movements and can convert them into text via Bluetooth to a computer. Smart gloves provide a new way for about 70 million people with hearing and speech impairment to verbally communicate and connect to people. The creators are planning to turn this into an app for smartphones for future convenience.


Uber’s Communication Service for the Deaf

Uber is one of the few companies that employs individuals who are deaf or mute. This has created many work opportunities for many individuals. To make driving easier for them, Uber collaborated with the Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) to create an online service guide in sign language. Deaf drivers working for Uber have already proven to be great partners, providing more rides per month on average than hearing drivers and have collectively earned more than $10 million in the US alone.


Aria Bracelet

An Aria bracelet helps users interact with their surroundings easily. The bracelet can identify six different sounds which are the telephone, doorbell, smoke alarm, baby monitor, alarm clock and emergency vehicle sirens. As soon as the device detects one of these sounds it squeezes the owner’s wrist. This will alert them to look at the Aria to discover which event is taking place with the associated light. This handy bracelet allows those with difficulty hearing to live more independent lives with style.


Babel Fisk Glasses

These glasses covert speech into text in real time and flash it on the glasses. Microphones are placed within the frames which can pick up the speech of someone standing further away. There is even an inbuilt flash memory card that can record a conversation or save the translated text for later review. It’s not only great for the hearing impaired, but also for people who want to make it easier for themselves during lectures and keynotes since it will record everything that is being said.



Vibering can detect and identify sounds to alert users the sounds around them and ward off any impending danger lurking in their surroundings. The Vibering system comes in the form of a wrist watch and a pair of rings that are worn on both hands. The rings are designed to act as the person's ears as they listen for sounds in the user’s environment while the wristwatch identifies the sound captured by the rings and presents the information in an easy to read display for the wearer.


These are just a handful of the amazing gadgets that can transform the lives of many. Hopefully, all these devices will be easily accessible for all in the near future.


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