Make Up In 5 Minutes

Make Up In 5 Minutes

Imagine make up reinvented, simplified and immaculately designed to revolutionise your handbag. If you are anything like me sitting in front of the mirror for more than an hour trying to get that flawless airbrushed effect, sculpting your face by contouring those cheeks, lifting those baggy eyes or highlighting those finer points is not something you have time for on a busy schedule. Most days you end up leaving the house having thrown whatever your face could handle in five minutes.

Make up hasn’t made headlines since Asia rocked the world with the invention of CC creams. We return to this majestic land, full of rich beauty secrets for inspiring a celebrity make up artist, Mai Tran to revolutionise make up while creating the MAI Make Up Sheets. Yes, you heard correctly, she crafted something so delicate and unique to create a perfect balance of form, function and style. Make up as light as rice paper filled with rich blush tones, deep bronzers, shimmering highlighters and foundation palettes. Light enough to make application as simple as a snap of your finger, and in 5 minutes you can go from “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” to “I woke up like this, flawless”.

To help you understand how this technology works, lets start where it all began. The make up was originally based on the traditional Asian art of soaking vibrant colours into rice paper to illuminate ones skin. Mai decided to reinvent the original concept by handcrafting rice paper and then beautifully slipping it into a designer pocket book. The concept originated while Mai, known for reinventing and sculpting famous faces found herself struggling with the side effects of oily skin. She decided to create a skincare revolution that not only would benefit her skin but also would benefit millions of women around the world. It was imperative to her when formulating these sheets, also known as “Papiers”, that they were paraben and talc-free while including “skin-benefiting” vitamins and antimicrobial elements. 

Mai is known for her attention to detail and immaculate finishes so it’s no surprise that the hypoallergenic sheets give a streak and shine free finish. She created a pocketbook compilation divided into two functionally based series that encompassed all the essentials necessary for a modern day women:

The Makeup Series

1) Blush Papiers: Add a rich or neutral colour to the cheekbones.

2) Foundation Papiers: The sheets come in a range of tones to add a base colour for the rest of your make up or can be used to cover up blemishes. 

3) Bronzer and Blotting Papiers: The sheets can function to contour the face or cheekbones. Flip the sheet over for maximum benefit by blotting excess oils or eliminate unwanted shine leaving a healthy glow.

4) Highlighter Papiers: Illuminate the skin by giving a natural glow.

The Skincare Series

5) Salicylic Acid Blotting Papier: Tone and reduce blemishes. 

6) Rosehip Blotting Papier: Healing and rebuilding the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

7) Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Papier: Detoxifying the skin.

8) Vitamin C+E Blotting Papier: Boosting and nourishing the skin.

Mai Trans created the make up sheets to motivate modern women struggling with a variety of constraints crunched into a 24-hour day. Women no longer need to worry about a broken compact or rushing to a meeting after a long flight. The make up is so lightweight and convenient that it can perfectly fit into the back of a pocket. There is no longer an excuse for not looking “runway ready” straight out of the gym or for taking more than 5 minutes for a quick bathroom touch up. Thanks to Mai Trans terms like “powder my nose” no longer stand as a perfect emergency getaway from a bad date. Women carrying those bulky make up bags should simply be fined as make up is now as simple as a blot of “papier” and foundation at the snap of the finger. Snap, snap...

And... That’s It!

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